Though it quickly became a contender for harshest critic reviews of 2017 upon its release in December, Netflix have confirmed they’ve gone ahead and ordered a sequel for their blockbuster film Bright, from filmmaker David Ayer and starring the likes of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. All three talents are expected to return.

David Ayer and Will Smith behind-the-scenes on Bright / Credit: Netflix

David Ayer and Will Smith behind-the-scenes on Bright / Credit: Netflix

As the highest viewed Netflix original film ever brought to the service upon its first week of release, Bright didn’t take long to become the number one movie on Netflix in every country the streaming service is available, with more people viewing the film internationally rather than domestically.

Set in an alternate version of the modern day, Ayer’s world brought us two cops from hugely different backgrounds. Smith played the human police officer, Ward, whilst Edgerton took on the role of orc cop, Jakoby. Together, they had to put their differences aside and work with one another if they were to defeat the evil looking to claim ultimate power with what was thought to be a long forgotten relic.

In seeking out normality, the two went up against a slew of enemies from all types of places, from a wheelchair bound gang leader to an elf who was incredibly well versed in the world of combat. Taking place in a world where magic is commonplace and guns aren’t as powerful as a mystical wand, officers Ward and Jakoby had their work cut out for them.

The audience reaction to Bright was a whole lot better than that of critics, with a vocal portion of viewers stepping out to say positive things about the film on social media and posing questions to journalists as to why they were so negative about the film. Of course, opinions are something everybody has, and without differing ones, the world would be a very boring place! The important thing is that there has been enough of a positive storm surrounding Bright that it’s been picked up for a sequel and for fans, that’s a very exciting prospect indeed.

Bright is available now on Netflix. We’ll bring you more news on the planned sequel as and when we get it.  

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