Disney and Pixar studios have released the new and hilarious trailer for 2022 film, Turning Red.

The upcoming movie follows Mei Lee (voiced by newcomer Rosalie Chiang), a 13-year-old girl who loves maths class and just wants to be normal; unfortunately for her however, she is anything but.

In the trailer, we see Lee’s mother hiding very obviously behind a tree outside her classroom; we’re not sure why, but what happens next may make her wish she’d have just gone home.

As Lee gets more stressed and embarrassed that her mother (Sandra Oh) is being chased around the aforementioned tree by a security guard with the whole class watching, she begins to panic and eventually releases a large puff of pink smoke, and out emerges a giant Red Panda!

It seems that Lee is a Pixar version of Marvel character the Hulk; every time she gets too worried or over-excited, she turns into the massive and adorable mammal. As her classmates, teacher and mother stare at her in awe, Lee makes for the roof and begins jumping over buildings in order to hide herself, and glides over some very surprised citizens in the process.

Mei Lee as her alter ego, a giant Red Panda! / Picture Credit: Disney/Pixar
Mei Lee as her alter ego, a giant Red Panda! / Picture Credit: Disney/Pixar

This trailer is an absolute joy to watch. Chiang’s voice is a perfect match for Lee, and of course, the animation style is absolutely stunning; the colour palette is beautiful and definitely keeps in with the appearance of other Disney/Pixar movies.

With all Pixar films, there is a message embedded within the wonderful stories, and Turning Red is no different. As Lee is 13, it seems that this movie will focus on puberty, and the difficulties of growing up.

Even from the trailer we can see things that many teenagers have to deal with, from school to a slightly overbearing parent who, by the looks of it, is never far from her daughter - which is a total nightmare for Lee.

Growing up can be tough for everyone, no matter who you are, and Disney are sure to deliver an exceptionally funny, charming and heart-warming film based on this tough concept. The trailer is short, sweet, and hilarious all in one; there is no doubt that the film will be a perfect family flick!

Mei Lee embarrassed by her overbearing mother / Picture Credit: Disney/Pixar
Mei Lee embarrassed by her overbearing mother / Picture Credit: Disney/Pixar

Even the poster for the film is amazing, with Lee as her alter ego wearing an ID badge with her human face on it; will Lee combat this change within her, or will she learn to run with it and enjoy being different?

Pixar Animation Studios’ director Domee Shi will be taking the lead on this project; Shi is an award-winning director who won an Oscar for her short film, Bao, in 2018.

Turning Red will be in cinemas March 11th, 2022!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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