A shy yet ambitious man by the name of Marc-André Leclerc has spent years doing what he loves best, climbing tall and dangerously sheer cliffs, peaks and mountains in an effort to simple have a unique day out.

The upcoming documentary, titled The Alpinist, is set to delve into the life of Marc-André; to explore the expeditions he has completed, follow him on a new journey, and find out why the world of solo climbing is so inviting to him.

Marc-André loves nature. He loves the mountains and the freedom that climbing gives him; heading up steep alpines with nothing but the clothes on his back doesn’t scare him one bit as he continues with his passion, regardless of the risks.

The Alpinist will release this September / Picture Credit: NBC Universal
The Alpinist will release this September / Picture Credit: NBC Universal

The young climber goes it alone, unbothered by any sort of fame or recognition. Marc-André, a 23-year-old Canadian, is one of the boldest climbers the world has ever known.

With no rope, cameras or any margin for error, Marc-André’s approach to solo climbing is the very definition of a solo adventure; with nothing but the alpines and peaks to accompany him, the bold Canadian pays no mind to the dangerous heights, and focuses instead on the wonders of the journey.

Marc-André, who is typically publicity-shy, and doesn’t own a phone or a car, is reluctant to allow a film crew to accompany him on his adventure as previously, all his focus was on the climb, with nothing to distract him.

Peter Mortimer, a veteran filmmaker, sets out to make a film about the highly-interesting climber, but struggles to keep up with him.

Marc-André embarks on a historic adventure in Patagonia that will redefine what is possible in the world of solo climbing.

Marc-André Leclerc himself / Picture Credit: Jonathan Griffith
Marc-André Leclerc himself / Picture Credit: Jonathan Griffith

The trailer for The Alpinist shows just how daring and unbothered Marc-André is by his unique passion; the young Canadian is a humble man, and someone who does what he does for the pure thrill, not for the limelight.

His want to simply be separated from life’s complexities and worries is rather uplifting, and while he knows it’s dangerous, his adoration for the sport outweighs any concerns he has about the risks and issues that could occur while climbing.

The Alpinist is set to show the pure wonders of life, and tell the story of a man who risked it all every time he went solo climbing, in order to achieve what appears to be pure happiness.

Marc-André pushes the boundaries of his passion, and the trailer shows that he has inspired many others to dream bigger, in whatever it is that they love.

The Alpinist will be in British and Irish cinemas on September 24th, 2021.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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