Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult says there is a very human feel to his new movie Warm Bodies and that was one of the things that he liked about the script and the central character.

The actor will lead the cast in the big screen adaptation of the Isaac Marion novel of the same name, in which he plays zombie R.

Speaking to Flicks and Bits the actor said: "This young zombie, R, he feels trapped in his zombie state. The most compelling thing about R as a character is his want and need to connect.

"He wants to connect with [fellow zombies] to feel alive. That's one of the most human instincts ever - to want to feel a part of something and to connect with another human.

"I have to try to make an audience care about and root for this zombie, that was very interesting to me. In the script he was very funny and eloquent in his voice-over, so there was a charm about him and a humour as well."

Teresa Palmer, Dave Franco and John Malkovich join Hoult on the cast list for the supernatural love story while Jonathan Levine is in the director's chair.

Hoult has a busy year ahead of him as he is also set to star in Jack The Giant Slayer and Mad Max:Fury Road.

He is also set to reprise the role of Beast when filming on X-Men: Days of Future Past gets underway.

Warm Bodies is released 8th February.

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