This week in October (2021) is filled with exciting film-related news. The Batman releases character posters, new trailers have come out, and M. Night Shyamalan’s newest feature shares details with fans. Read about all this, and more, below!

Picture Credits (l-r): Smokehouse Pictures, DC Films, Warner Bros. Pictures

Picture Credits (l-r): Smokehouse Pictures, DC Films, Warner Bros. Pictures

Halle Berry’s newest film, Bruises, gets trailer

Halle Berry’s newest feature film, in which she both stars and directs, has just dropped a new trailer.

In Bruises, Berry stars as Jackie Justice, a disgraced former champion who finds herself in the dark world of underground fighting; here, she hopes to regain her former glory. However, things get complicated when she is reunited with the child she gave up years ago.

Bruises will be Berry’s directorial debut, and the trailer shows just how talented she is in both acting and, now, directing. The movie will release onto Netflix on November 24th, 2021.

A Quiet Place actor to play Helen Keller in biopic

Star of both A Quiet Place films, Millicent Simmonds, has been cast to play Helen Keller in a forthcoming biopic; this will mark the first time a deaf actor has portrayed the author on screen.

The film, titled Helen & Teacher, will be set in the early 1900s and centre on the relationship between Keller and translator and companion Anne Sullivan, (Rachel Brosnahan) as Keller begins her time as Radcliffe College.

Keller was a disability rights activist, suffragette, birth control advocate, socialist, and the first deaf-blind person to receive a bachelor’s degree. Simmonds has shown her excitement and gratitude about being cast in the role via Instagram.

The film is set to begin filming in the summer of 2022.

Michael Caine announces retirement

Michael Caine, an 88-year-old actor who is recognisable for his role as Alfred Pennyworth in the Dark Knight trilogy, has announced that his newest film, Best Sellers, will be his last.

Sir Michael Caine has had a wonderful acting career, starring in films such as Inception (2010), Interstellar (2014), and Tenet (2020), among many others.

Caine stated a few reasons as to why he’s made this decision, such as the fact that his legs are becoming mildly painful, the pandemic is stopping many projects from being made, and a lot of movies don’t cast actors of his age in leading roles.

Despite Caine’s step-down from acting, we’ll always have the 100+ films he starred in to watch with fondness.

The Batman film posters reveal The Riddler’s costume

DC has revealed two character posters for The Batman, one being of the caped crusader himself, and the other showcasing The Riddler’s costume.

Fans are looking forward to seeing the trailer for the new Batman film, as many cannot wait to see Robert Pattinson take on the legendary role, whether out of joy or genuine curiosity.

This year’s (2021) DC FanDome event will take place today (October 16th, 2021) at 6pm BST, and will showcase a first look trailer for the movie. The film will also star Paul Dano as The Riddler, Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Colin Farrell is the Penguin, Jeffery Wright plays Commissioner Gordon, and Andy Serkis will be playing Alfred Pennyworth.

The poster showcases the Riddler’s costume in a red hue; he is holding a note meant for Batman, and has a single question mark on his attire, which may mean nothing, or everything…

The Batman will be in cinemas on March 4th, 2022.

Dolph Lundgren’s return to Aquaman 2 confirmed

Dolph Lundgren’s formerly hinted return to Atlantis has been confirmed via a new set photo for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Lundgren played King Nereus in Aquaman from 2018; he was the leader of the Atlantian tribe of Xebel and was the father of Mera (Amber Heard).

Jason Momoa is of course set to return as Arthur Curry (aka Aquaman) in the upcoming sequel, along with Lundgren. The photo that confirmed King Nereus’ return was shared via Instagram on the actor’s account, stating how enjoyable he is finding his experience working on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

At the moment, the sequel is scheduled to release in December of 2022.

The trailer for The Tender Bar, starring Ben Affleck, is out

The trailer for The Tender Bar, directed by George Clooney, shows Ben Affleck becoming a father figure to his young nephew over the course of many years.

The movie is set to be a coming-of-age drama, based on a memoir by J. R. Moehringer, and tells the story of the author who struggles to live his life after the death of his father. Both Daniel Ranieri and Tye Sheridan will play the author at different stages in his life.

J. R. ends up finding paternal figures in some patrons at a local bar, including his kind and welcoming Uncle Charlie (Affleck). Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future franchise) also stars, and will be playing a grumpy grandfather.

The Tender Bar will be in cinemas for a short time from December 17th, 2021, and will be on Amazon Prime on January 7th, 2022.

M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie gets official title and release date

Universal Pictures has announced both a release date, and the title for M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie.

The feature’s title has been revealed to be Knock at the Cabin, and should release on February 3rd, 2023. Shyamalan is a very notable director, with films such as 1999’s The Sixth Sense, Split from 2016, and most recently, Old starring Alex Wolff.

While next to nothing is known about this project, other than the date and title, we can be sure that it will be a notable, if not pivotal movie when it arrives. Since Old released within the year it began filming, it wouldn’t be a bad guess to assume that Knock at the Cabin will start shooting in mid 2022.

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