Coming to cinemas across the UK next February is Paddy Considine’s Journeyman, with StudioCanal this week hyping up the movie’s release with a brilliant new trailer. You can check out that teaser below:

Starring Considine (who also wrote and directed the film) alongside the brilliant Jodie Whittaker, Anthony Welsh, Tony Pitts and Paul Popplewell, the movie tells the story of middleweight boxing champion Matty Burton (Considine), delving into the dangerous world of the sport after a behind-the-scenes production that worked in close collaboration with the boxing community and medical profession.

Collapsing at home after winning a gruelling fight on points, Matty faces a challenge like none he’s tackled before, forced to learn to speak, move and recall moments throughout his life all over again if he’s ever to become anything like the man he once was. The prize this time however is bigger than any he’s had, with his wife Emma (Whittaker) and their baby daughter Mia on the line.

Many of the members of cast will here be making their acting debuts, having come from the real-life worlds that they will then mirror on the big screen. Boxers, commentators, nurses and occupational therapists all step out of their professional world into the one of performance here, ultimately culminating in one of the most realistic takes on a boxing story there could be.

The film comes after Considine’s most recent work as Armando Iannucci in Death of Stalin and his first play The Ferryman. He’ll also be starring in BBC series Informer, which he’s filming now and which comes to the small screen in late 2018.

Whittaker will of course be seen in the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas Day, before taking on the role of The Doctor full-time when the series makes its return for a whole new season in the New Year.

Journeyman comes to cinemas across the UK on February 16, 2018.

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