A modern day 'Quadrophenia' has been made based on the music of Paul Weller.

Paul Weller

Paul Weller

'The Pebble and The Boy' - which has just finished filming in Manchester and Brighton - star Patsy Kensit alongside former 'Coronation Street' star Sacha Parkinson and ex 'Hollyoaks' actor Jamie Lomas.

As reported by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, the upcoming movie will pay to the 1979 original 'Quadrophenia' which was based on the iconic Pink Floyd album of the same name.

Four decades later, the modern-day road trip about the Mods will feature tracks from The Jam legend Weller.

Kensit has been cast as a "rich and glamorous former Modette mother", with the likes of Ricci Harnett and Jessie Birdsall - who played a violent Rocker in the original film - also part of the stellar cast.

The new film also makes sure to use many locations which first appeared in 'Quadrophenia', including the Brighton alley where Leslie Ash's character Steph had sex with Phil Daniels' Jimmy Cooper.

A lot of Lambrettas and scooters - which were a key part of the first movie - will be included in 'The Pebble and The Boy', which will also see a moving moment when scooter-driving mourners form a funeral cortege after one of their 'Faces' sadly passes away.

Recently reflecting on the 1979 classic, Daniels said: "Jimmy's not a hero, he's just a normal boy next door, and that's what makes him work.

"He ultimately rejects the whole ethos of being a mod - making your whole life revolve around sitting on a silly scooter. In the end, he had to jack it in to move on. He couldn't take it any further.

"Quadrophenia's a difficult one to live down. Over the years, it's filled me with horror - and joy. At the time, a friend warned me: 'If it's a hit, they may only ever remember you as Jimmy.' "