From Xavier Giannoli and starring Vincent Lindon in the leading role comes The Apparition; a thought-provoking movie that’ll envelop the audience in mystery from the first minutes the picture starts rolling. This week, an atmospheric new trailer for the flick has been released, which you can now check out below:

Lindon takes on the role of war reporter Jacques in the film; a man working for a large French newspaper, and somebody who attracts the attention of the Vatican thanks to his impartial investigations. Recruited by the religious body to take part in a committee that’s looking into the truth behind a saintly apparition in a small French village, he’ll be confronted by an array of different views and outlooks on the entire situation, shaking him to his core and forcing him to look inwards at his own beliefs.

Arriving in the town, Jacques meets the young Anna (Galatea Bellugi) who’s making the claim of witnessing the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Profound in her belief and following of Christianity, she’s gained quite the devout following in the village, and is often torn between her faith and the solicitations she’s offered.

Jacques not only has to deal with her claims, but those of clergy members and sceptics, as hidden motivations come to light and he realises he could be in deeper with this investigation than he’s ever been before.

Though religious thrillers aren’t the rarest to come from the genre, The Apparition looks to be one of the most compelling of the modern day. We can’t wait to watch.

The Apparition will come to cinemas across the UK by MUBI on Friday, August 3, 2018.

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