Oscar nominee Lenny Abrahamson returns next year with the release of his first movie since the brilliant Room, this time adapting Sarah Waters’ novel The Little Stranger for the big screen. This week, a brilliant first look image from the movie has been revealed, showcasing Oliver Zetterstrom and Tipper Siefert-Cleveland in their respective roles of Young Faraday and Susan. You can check out the picture below:

The Little Stranger comes to UK cinemas in autumn 2018

The Little Stranger comes to UK cinemas in autumn 2018

This is a ghost story like no other, with the screenplay for the film written by BAFTA nominee Lucinda Coxon. Also starring big names such as Domhnall Gleeson as Dr Faraday, Golden Globe winner Ruth Wilson as Caroline Ayres, BAFTA winner Will Poulter as Roderick Ayres and Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling as Mrs Ayres, the movie looks set to put a lot of bums in movie theatre seats when it makes its 2018 debut.

Dr. Faraday is at the centre of the story, having built a life for himself as a country doctor, living it in quiet respectability but going out of his usual realm of comfort when he’s called out to a patient at Hundreds Hall in the long, hot summer of 1948.

Home to the Ayres family for over two centuries, Hundreds Hall actually holds some memories for the Faraday family, as it’s the home where the doctor’s own mother once worked. Now in decline however, it’s haunted by something ominous, with its inhabitants – a mother, son and daughter – all doing their best to escape the torment there.

Becoming more at one with the home, Dr. Faraday will eventually discover just how the family’s story at Hundreds Hall will intertwine with his own, and the results may be something completely unavoidable.

Gail Egan, Andrea Calderwood and Ed Guiney serve as producers on the movie, whilst Cameron McCracken, Daniel Battsek, Andrew Lowe, Celine Haddad and Tim O’Shea are all credited as executive producers.

The Little Stranger is set for release in UK cinemas at some point in autumn 2018.