Tim Roth

Tim Roth

Tim Roth almost didn't make 'The War Zone' because of his history of being abused.

The 51-year-old British actor struggled with the decision to adapt the same-titled novel for his harrowing 1999 directorial debut as he was sexually abused in his teens and didn't know whether he could handle it.

He said: "At first I definitely didn’t want to make a film about that subject. But when they came to me with the book 'The War Zone' and said, 'Do you fancy doing this?' I thought, 'Ok. I can do that.'

The star - whose new film 'Broken' also deals with child abuse - felt the time was right to explore the theme again after years of being saturated by discussing his gritty debut.

He recalled: "I started talking about it when I was 25. And as soon as you find a voice you're good, you're on the way. Although after the movie there came a time when it became difficult. I remember doing a conference for 500 therapists who deal with paedophiles.

"I screened the movie and then talked and then did a Q&A session. And after all that I remember thinking, 'Ok, I really, really, don't want to talk about this for a while'."

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