Timothee Chalamet believes he still has a lot to learn about acting, even though he has already received an Oscar nomination for his work on screen.

Timothee Chalamet at Venice International Film Festival

Timothee Chalamet at Venice International Film Festival

The 23-year-old star made the shortlist for the Best Actor Academy Award category for his performance as a teenager coming to terms with the fact he is homosexual in Luca Guadagnino's romantic drama 'Call Me by Your Name' and he also won praise for his appearance in 'Lady Bird'.

He will soon be seen as King Henry V in David Michod's new epic 'The King' - which is inspired by several plays from Shakespeare's 'Henriad' - but although he is one of Hollywood's hottest young talents, Timothee insists he is learning a lot about his craft on the job.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Venice International Film Festival, he said: "I feel that I'm really still learning, and I'm trying to chase whatever is the best version of an actor that I can be."

And Timothee revealed he got the chance to pick the brains of his 'The King' co-stars Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris when they were filming together on set.

He shared: "These are two visceral actors. I've learned from everyone, but I've had particularly educational experiences with them."

'The King' - which will be released on October 11 ahead of it streaming on Netflix from November - was filmed on location in England and Hungary and Timothee had to brave a lot of mud and other testing conditions for his portrayal of King Henry V.

He said: "I just remember sitting there thinking, I'm glad David's directing this and not me. I thought one day I was going to drown in the mud. And then one day I was fighting, and I realised I had mud all over my entire face."

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