Tom Berenger is to star in new thriller 'Allagash'.

Tom Berenger

Tom Berenger

The 69-year-old Hollywood legend will head up the project from writer/director John Barr who is making his feature-length directorial debut

The 'Platoon' actor is set to play a retired veteran who stumbles across a dead woman and a large sum of money while hunting in Northern Maine but his life spirals out of control when a group of criminals searching for the money encounter him and set him up on a test of will and survival.

The film will be produced by Suza Horvat and Paul Casale Jr., Jeff Stearns, and Dan Murphy are executive producing, while Paul Ben-Victor of 'The Wire' and 'The Departed' actor Mark Rolston are also attached to the project. Shooting is scheduled to begin early next year in Northern Maine.

This is far from Tom's first time portraying a military man and the 'Major League' star took on the role of a Vietnam veteran earlier this year in the action film 'American Dresser' and the star previously explained why he was attracted to the part.

He said: "I just liked the characters. I liked the story, I liked the dialogue, I thought there was some good humour in there, and I thought it was funny. To me it had that same road humour that 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' had."

Tom also revealed that despite his major success, he originally had a different career in mind.

He said:" "I actually wanted to go to West Point and be a career army office, that didn't happen. Two guys in my class went, so I gave that up and ended up acting.

"And, of course, I've played a few generals and kernels and captains. I played an admiral once, a chief petty officer, a master gunnery sergeant and a gunnery sergeant."