Inspired by real-life events, upcoming horror flick Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built will follow the story of Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren); the heir to the Winchester fortune and the woman responsible for building a home on an isolated stretch of land 50 miles outside of San Francisco. You can check out the eerie first look teaser trailer for the film below, along with a first look image from the movie that sees Mirren in her latest role:

Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester

Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester

Also starring the likes of Sarah Snook and Jason Clarie as a young Winchester family member and Doctor Eric rice respectively, with Michael and Peter Spierig serving as directors, the movie delves into the world of the Winchester home, which stands seven stories talls and contains hundreds of rooms.

To those looking in from the outside, it’s a monstrous piece and symbolic of a disturbed woman’s ever-growing madness, but for Sarah herself, it’s a prison and asylum for hundreds of ghosts with a score to settle – the most vengeful of which is planning on taking revenge against the Winchester family.

The Spierig Brothers are known for their work on such films as Daybreakers and Predestination, and even directed the upcoming Saw franchise reboot, Jigsaw. Known for their unique style and approach to films, fans are already imagining one of the most interesting and compelling ghost stories to hit the big screen in the modern day.

At a time when horror is seeing a brilliant rise in popularity, following the success of blockbuster release IT and the likes of Netflix original film Gerald’s Game, the climate is perfect for yet another addition to horror’s history. We can’t wait to see what the Spierig Brothers do with this one…

Winchester: The House Built By Ghosts is set to come to cinemas across the UK on March 2, 2018.

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