There are many new films coming out this month, and most of them have us hooked. Netflix has a few great flicks coming to the streaming service this April, such as Concrete Cowboy (available to watch today – April 2nd), and Stowaway released on April 22nd. One film, however, has really piqued our interest; Things Heard and Seen is a horror that looks absolutely amazing!

James Norton and Amanda Seyfried in new Netflix horror / Picture Credit: Netflix

James Norton and Amanda Seyfried in new Netflix horror / Picture Credit: Netflix

Based on the acclaimed novel, All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage, its counterpart seems to be a creepy, subtle horror with cleverly-done scares to intimidate you. It is definitely a trailer that shows the perfect amount of the plot, and doesn’t give too much away…

James Norton and Amanda Seyfried star side-by-side as George and Catherine Clare, a couple who make a rather big life-decision. Artist Catherine follows her Husband as they fulfil his wish to move away to Hudson Valley.

He says he had found the “perfect house” for them; but we can probably all assume that this won’t be the case later on in the film, though.

The house looks lovely, in George’s defence. It is a historical home that, as the couple will learn, has a dark and grisly past.

As Catherine begins to settle down into her new home and new life, things begin to unravel. It turns out that this isn’t the picture-perfect home George thought it was and, in realising this, the pair begin to see that their marriage isn’t all that impeccable either.

Amanda Seyfried as Catherine Clare / Picture Credit: Netflix
Amanda Seyfried as Catherine Clare / Picture Credit: Netflix

Trailers can sometimes give too much up too fast, such as reveals of the villain or a minor spoiler as to what happens near the end – this trailer does none of this, which is what makes it so good.

We see Catherine’s reactions to the things that haunt her, seeing in her eyes the dismay at what she is witnessing without seeing it ourselves.

The trailer shows the steady breakdown of the trust shared between Husband and Wife, although it’s more George that thinks his Wife has lost the plot a little as she digs deeper into the house’s history, and into the stories of spirits and other realms.

It must be said that Seyfried seems to do amazingly well in the role of a tormented Wife, and her acting against the threats posed to her and her Husband are brilliant; we cannot wait to check out this adaptation of Brundage’s fantastic novel.

Things Heard and Seen will be released onto Netflix on April 30th, 2021 – so keep an eye out!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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