Alfred Hitchcock changed the face of horror films in 1960 with Psycho and that is the film that is under the spotlight today.

With Psycho the director turned all of the traditional trademarks of this genre on its head as he re-wrote the rule book.

Hitchcock showed that you don't need your leading lady from beginning to end as he killed her off in the first act.

Never before had a plot structure like this been seen before as Hitchcock showed that you didn't need a traditional story of beginning, middle and end.

Janet Leigh was one of the biggest stars at the time and to see her killed off in the first thirty minutes was a huge shock - now it is something of a regularity.

This may have been an incredibly daring move by the director but it was one that proved to be a huge success - and blazed a trail for all horror/slasher films to come.

While the director was re-writing the rule book with this film Psycho was still typically Hitchcock as he cranked up the tension with every scene.

This is a movie that will get your heart pumping and will have you jumping out of your seat.

Of course that tension is at its peak during the shower scene - which is widely regarded as one of the most terrifying horror scenes in movie history as Hitchcock wasn't afraid to show the violence.

The close up of Leigh along with Anthony Perkins' shrieking score makes this a film moment that you will never forget.

Psycho was really the first slasher film that paved the way for this genre to grown into what it is today.

Hitchcock is released 8th February

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