Rachel McAdams in The Vow

Rachel McAdams in The Vow

Rachel McAdams returns to the big screen this week as she teams up with Channing Tatum for The Vow.

She kicked off her career back in 2001 and has worked in a whole host of genres including comedy, romance and action.

So to celebrate the release of The Vow we take a look at some of her most famous roles.

- Mean Girls

McAdams' breakthrough role came in 2004 when she took on the role of Regina George in Means Girls.

The malicious and nasty Regina was played with just enough comedy by McAdams to make the movie and her performance an instant hit.

The film also starred Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Tina Fey and it too in excess of $129 million at the box office.

More importantly for McAdams she had finally hit the big time.

- The Notebook

That success was to only intensify later that year as she teamed up with Ryan Gosling for The Notebook.

The movie was an adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same name and was a movie that followed the relationship that is divided by class.

The Notebook still remains one of the most love romance movies of the last decade  - the kiss in the rain being one of the film's most famous scenes.

This movie cemented McAdams as one of the best emerging female leads and she found herself in demand in movie movies and TV.

- Red Eye

In 2005 she tackled the horror genre for the first time as she teamed up with Cillian Murphy for Red Eye.

The movie was directed by Wes Craven and followed a young woman who is kidnapped by a stranger on a routine flight.

McAdams was the only actress that was considered for the role of Lisa and delivered a great performance.

The movie was praised by the critics and went on to gross in excess of $95.5 million at the global box office.

- The Time Traveller's Wife

She returned to the romance genre back in 2009 when she took on the role of Clare in The Time Traveller's Wife.

The movie was an adaptation of the Audrey Niggenegger novel of the same name and saw McAdams team up with Eric Bana.

The film followed the strained relationship between a young woman and a man with a genetic disorder that makes him involuntary time travel

While the movie did received mixed reviews from the critics it was a financial success as it too over $101.1 million, easily making back it's $39 million budget. 

- Sherlock Holmes

But 2009 saw her tackle the blockbuster as she landed the role of Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes.

Directed by Guy Ritchie the movie saw Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law take on the role of Holmes and Dr Watson.

McAdams' character was as seductive as she was cunning and the actress had a great onscreen chemistry with Downey Jr.

The movie was a monster success as it took $524 million as well as a whole heap of praise.

McAdams reprised the role of Adler very briefly in the sequel at the end of last year.

- The Vow

This week she is back to the world or romance as she teams up with Channing Tatum for The Vow.

Directed by Michael Sucsy I think it's fair to say that we are all going to need a tissue for this.

The Vow is based on the true story of a newlywed couple recovering from an accident that puts the wife in a coma.

She wakes up with severe memory loss and can’t remember any of her life with her new husband - so he has to fight to win her heart all over again.

The Vow is released 10th February

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