Over the last couple of months, we have been delving into the movie vaults and revisiting some of the best movies of the last few decades... today, we are putting Some Like It Hot in the spotlight.

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot

There is no star that has shined as brightly as that of Marilyn Monroe and Some Like It Hot was one of her most iconic movies and roles as she teamed up with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and director Billy Wilder.

Two Struggling musicians witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and are now on the run from the Mob. Jerry and Joe cross-dress into an all-female band. In addition to hiding, each has his own problems; One falls for another band member but can't tell her his gender, and the other has a rich suitor who will not take "No," for an answer.

It was back in 1959 when Some Like It Hot hit the big screen for the first time and it is still widely regarded as one of the best American comedy movies of all time. This is a comedy that has aged beautifully and it is still as funny today as it was when it was first released.

It is the comic timing that really makes this film what it is and that is something Lemmon, Curtis, and Monroe have down to a fine art. Together, the three of them just shine and are one of the best comedy movie teams of all time.

While Lemmon and Curtis were already known for their comedic abilities, Monroe is just delightful in the central role of Sugar Kane and is more than a match for her co-stars. It really is a truly delightful performance from Monroe and it remains one of her best and most memorable big screen performances.

Wilder must also get a pat on the back as he has crafted a movie that mixes wit, satire, and humour so flawlessly together, to make a film that will have you laughing and smiling at every turn. If Wilder had never done anything else in his career, Some Like It Hot would have been enough to cement him as a comedy filmmaking great. It is one of those classic movies that you can come to again and again and still have a lot of fun watching it.

There is something incredibly modern about the gender humour in the film and I think that is what has made it such and enduring movie.

I know that the term 'classic' is banded around far too much but that is exactly what Some Like I Hot is. It is a movie that has stood the test of time and remains a comedy masterpiece.

Some Like It Hot is one of those movies were the cast was perfect, the script was spot on, and the director was the right man for the job... as a result magic was made - and it is not very often that you can truly say that about a movie.

Some Like It Hot was met with acclaim when it was released and has gone on to be one of the most loved and praised American comedy movies. The film was also nominated for six Oscars - including Best Director and Best Actor for Lemmon - walking away with Bes Art Direction.

When I think of Marilyn Monroe, Some Like It Hot is the film that instantly springs to mind... no one has strutted down a train platform quite like Monroe and it is one of the film's most iconic and enduring moments.

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