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It's official! Halloween has officially become the third most celebrated day of the year. After Christmas and Easter, the temptation to dress up and carve pumpkins has meant that Brits everywhere are getting into the spooky spirit of the occasion.

For the ultimate Fight Night this Halloween, which doesn't run the risk of you being egged on the street, your best bet is to stay in, grab your partner (or at least someone willing to hold your hand in the scary parts) and settle down with a classic scary movie.

Almost a third (30%) of Brits are most scared of the dark! But what scares you the most and how many fear factors can you handle? There is no point watching Saw if blood and chainsaws don't make you and your partner hide behind a pillow. So Roku has created a scare scorecard based on its Halloween research into what gives Brits nightmares.

Simply match the movie synopsis against the Scare Factors and add up your Scare Score to give you a number out 100. Is your boyfriend a secret wimp? Take caution if it's over 50!

  • The Dark - scare score of 27
  • Possessed being or inanimate object - scare score of 20
  • Creepy Children - scare score of 14
  • Clowns- scare score of 14
  • Weapons - scare score of 8
  • Masks - scare score of 7
  • Birds - scare score of 5
  • Paranormal activity - scare score of 3
  • Blood - scare score of 2

To make it even easier, we've totted up the scare scores for the most popular horror movies in the country:

The Exorcist - Scare score of 74/100

The combination of the darkness, puppets, blood and creepy children mean the Exorcist comes up top

The Shining - Scare score of 74/100

The infamous scene of Jack Nicolson and his axe is only made scarier by the darkness and the little possessed girls

Halloween - Scare score of 58/100

It's the masks and the blood that give it a scare score of 58

The Conjuring - Scare score of 50/100

Dolls, possessed little girls and darkness makes the Conjuring a solid 50/100

Annabelle - Scare score of 50/100

Dolls, something many children play with turn into something scary when they are in the dark in Annabelle

Insidious - Scare score of 46/100

Darkness makes this haunting drama come in 6th this Halloween

I know what you did last summer - Scare score of 44/100

Darkness, masks and weapons give this teen movie scary is scare factors

Paranormal Activity - Scare score of 30/100

Just by the name you can guess that if you are scared of ghosts this is one for you

Blair Witch Project - Scare score of 30/100

Darkness and paranormal beings all filmed through a personal camera makes the Blair Witch Project really hit close to home

Saw - Scare score of 17/100

With the film only including weapons, masks and blood this classic comes in last in our scare rating but could make the ideal film if you're not so keen on paranormal activity

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