Terminator Genisys is set to hit the big screen tomorrow and it is set to be one of the biggest films of the summer and one not to be missed this weekend.

Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys

A great cast has been assembled for the movie as Arnold Schwarzenegger is joined by Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, and Jason Clarke as they take over the role of Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and John Connor for the first time.

Isn't it annoying when you are watching a movie and you cannot place where you have seen that actor before? It is a personal hate here for us here at FemaleFirst!!! To avoid you asking the question 'where do I know that actor from?' when watching Terminator Genisys this weekend, we are going to introduce you to this great cast.

- Emilia Clarke (Sarah Connor)

Emilia Clarke is a big favourite here at FemaleFirst Towers because of her role as Daenerys Targaryen aka The Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones.

She is best known for her platinum blonde hair as she tries to take the throne of Westeros - she really does look completely different as a brunette; Terminator Genisys will also see her kicking some ass as Sarah Connor.

Sarah Connor is one of the most iconic action heroines of all time and it is great to see this character back in the Terminator franchise. Needless to say, this is the biggest role and film of Clarke's acting career to date.

Clarke is no stranger to the big screen with the likes of Spike Island and Dom Hemingway under her belt - in fact, Dom Hemingway was the last time that we saw her on the big screen back in 2013. However, she is not as experienced a movie actor as some of her co-stars.

Clarke is already queen of the small screen but Terminator Genisys is set to be her major big screen breakthrough and will send her star rocketing even further.

Terminator Genisys

- Jason Clarke (John Connor)

Jason Clarke - no relation to Emilia - has been in some huge movies during his career but he is not as big a name as he perhaps should be. Do you know where you saw this actor last?

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was the last big blockbuster that was saw Clarke in last summer - doing battle with some very intelligent apes as one of the new faces on the cast list. Some of Clarke's scenes with Andy Serkis as Caesar were some of the best in the film.

In recent years, we have seen Clarke star in the likes of White House Down, The Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty, and Lawless as he continues to show that he is one of the most versatile actors around. I really do think he should be a bigger star than he currently is.

We have already seen Clarke on the big screen this year in Child 44 and he has a very buys 2015/6 ahead of him. Everest is one of the other big movies that are the horizon for Clarke as he teams up with Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Clarke is the fourth actor to play John Connor on the big screen, following in the footsteps of Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, and Christian Bale, and we are going to get a very different John Connor this time around.

Terminator Genisys

- Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese)

Are you struggling to place Jai Courtney? Well you shouldn't be as we have seen the actor in a whole host of high profile movies in recent years and has worked with some great directors

His big breakthrough film role came in 2013 when he took on the role of Jack McClane alongside Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard. Since then, Courtney has seen his star rocket and he is now one of the most in demand actors.

Courtney has enjoyed box office success as Eric in both Divergent and Insurgent in the last couple of years; which are based on the books of the same name by Veronica Roth.

However, it is not all about blockbusters for Courtney after starring in Unbroken - directed by Angelina Jolie - and The Water Diviner - the directorial debut of Russell Crowe earlier this year.

Courtney is set to take over the role of Kyle Reese in Terminator Genisys - the man sent back into the past to protect Sarah Connor from Skynet. However, when he travels back this time, he is going to meet a very different woman than he anticipated.

The character of Kyle Reese was first introduced back in The Terminator and played by Michael Biehn, before being brought back in Terminator Salvation by Anton Yelchin.

Terminator Genisys

- J.K. Simmons (Detective O'Brian)

If you can't place J.K. Simmons, where have you been all awards season? Simmons was the toast of Hollywood earlier this year when he won every award going for his performance in Whiplash - including his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Simmons has enjoyed a career that has spanned nearly thirty years, but it is in the last decade that he has really seen his star rocket.

If you are still scratching your head trying to figure out where you've seen this actor before? Just add a moustache and short spikey grey hair and you should be able to figure it out. Simmons is mostly known for his iconic role in the Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy as J. Jonah Jameson.

The actor also turned in a terrific performance in Juno and television series The Closer and Law & Order.

However, it is Whiplash that has really put Simmons on the map and he has already completed work on Worlds Apart, The Meddler, The Accountant, and Kung Fu Panda 3.

Detective O'Brian is one of the brand-new characters in the Terminator Genisys and I cannot wait to see Simmons back in action in a big new franchise.

Terminator Genisys

- Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Guardian)

If you cannot remember where you have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger then there is something sadly wrong. He is, of course, one of the biggest action stars of all time and he is back with the franchise that made him a star.

Over the years, we have seen him appear in movies such as Predator, Total Recall, True Lies, and The Expendables and he remains one of cinema's biggest stars.

Schwarzenegger took on the role of The Terminator for the first time back in 1985 and it remains his greatest and most iconic role of all time. And now he is returning to take on the role of the Guardian.

This time around, the Terminator has become the Guardian of Sarah Connor after Skynet attacked her family while she was a child. Left with the child, the Guardian raises her as fighter who is ready to stand up and do battle with whatever Skynet throws at them.

It is great to see Arnie back in this role and I cannot wait for the scene where we see him come face to face with his younger self. We haven't seen him take on this role since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and it is great to see him back in action.

Terminator Genisys

Terminator: Genisys hits UK cinemas on July 2nd.

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