The Italian Job

The Italian Job

Michael Caine is one of the greatest actors to have ever graced the big screen and he led the cast in The Italian Job back in 1969.

And Caine may have had a whole host of iconic roles over the years but he will always be remembered for the lines 'you were only supposed to blow the bloody door off'.

But of course it is the cars and the driving scenes that are the highlight of this movie.

The Italian Job is a movie that oozes coolness as well as a certain amount of charm.

It's cheeky, it's fun and it doesn't take itself too seriously and it is a clever crime caper.

Caine and co-star Noel Coward also produce two great turns at the centre of this film and the pair banter so well throughout.

The final car chase is one of the most famous ever committed to film and the end scenes have been parodied many times over the years.

The team trying to reach their gold whilst the bus hangs over the edge of a cliff is one of the most famous images of the sixties.

Today the movie is considered as one of the best British movies to grace the big screen as the characters, images and quotes have never gone out of fashion.

The movie was remade in 2003 and while it was a box office success it never captured the charm or flair of the original.

Peter Collinson was in the director's chair first time around and he delivered a fun movie that just looked great.

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