Since her acting debut in 2005 Rooney Mara has been increasing her name recognition one film at a time. Her roles haven't been cut and paste either; she's dabbled in a plethora of genres and role types.

Rooney Mara in Trash

Rooney Mara in Trash

In an effort to recognize her many 'changing faces', we've compiled a list of her most diverse characters.

- Tanner Hall

Look at those pigtails! Rooney inadvertently landed her first starring role in Tanner Hall, a coming-of-age film that takes place in an all girl's boarding school. Originally trying out for smaller, tomboyish role in the film, the director decided to cast her as the lead after seeing her audition.

Rooney played Fernanda, a 'goody-two shoes' senior at the school whose image becomes threatened when Victoria, the schools new troublemaker, finds out about the illicit affair Fern has been having with an older (and married) family friend. Fresh-faced and much more polished than some of her more recent and familiar roles,

- A Nightmare On Elm Street

Outside of the indie film Tanner Hall, A Nightmare on Elm Street (remake) was the next biggest starring role Rooney had. She took on the lead role of Nancy, a teen whose friends mysteriously start dying in their sleep.

Having to unravel the mystery, and stave off sleep, Nancy becomes increasingly frazzled; a much more awkward and confused version of Nancy than the original. Mara's talent for dark undertones comes to light in this slasher flick.

- The Social Network

Though only playing a minor role in the film, the immensely successful The Social Network helped Rooney's name gain traction, especially after its accomplishments in the awards season.

She played the clean cut (ex)girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg whose act of dumping him spurs him to create an online application which in turns eventually leads to the creation of Facebook.

You don't get a great taste of her characters background, but you know that she's feisty and doesn't take shit from her boyfriend.

- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Possibly her most recognizable role to date, Rooney Mara starred as Lisbeth Salander in the American film adaptation of the 'Millennium' book trilogy.

The first instalment, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, follows Lisbeth and Mikael Blomkvist as they work together to solve a missing persons case for a wealthy benefactor. Transforming into edgy, dark, dominating, brainy and troubled computer hacker Lisbeth was one of the most startling metamorphoses in cinema history.

- Side Effects

Bringing it back down after her role as Lisbeth, Rooney starred as Emily Taylor alongside Channing Tatum, Jude Law, and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Side Effects.

In the film, Emily is prescribed a series of anti-depressants related to the effect her husband's incarceration and eventual release have had on her life. After numerous suicide attempts she is put on an experimental (and controversial) prescription which causes her to sleepwalk, and commit various 'crimes'.

This murky character hints at the darkness Rooney has been immersing herself in, but comes packaged in a cleaner facade.

- Her

Playing another disenchanted housewife in the award winning film Her, Rooney takes a much different stance in this film, as well as filling a smaller role. She plays Samantha, the soon to be ex-wife of Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), an introverted man who works for a professional letter writing company.

Rooney acts as the sophisticated voice of reason in the film, and errs on the side of perfectionism.

- Ain't Them Bodies Saints

In 2013 Rooney starred alongside Casey Affleck in the 70's drama Ain't Them Bodies Saints, which has been described as a neo-western type Bonnie and Clyde film. Ruth (Mara) and Bob (Affleck) open the film in a shoot-out with police, in which a pregnant Ruth hits a young officer but Bob takes the blame and goes to prison for her.

As time goes by, she raises their child and he tries to hang on to the memory of his life before prison and plan his escape, Ruth transforms from a wild and passionate youngster to a watchful and reserved woman.

- Trash

In her latest film Trash, Rooney Mara plays Sister Olivia, a supporting role to the three main (young) stars of the film. The film follows three boys living in the slums of Rio, and the drama that takes place after they find a wallet while sifting through a landfill.

The wallet lands them in the middle of some heavy political strife, and they end up seeking help from two American volunteers in the area who assist their plight.

Being shot in Portuguese, Mara's sincere and determined effort to communicate with the boys comes across as genuine and strong.

Trash is released in UK cinemas on 30 January 2015

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