Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth returns to the big screen this week as she teams up with Lake Bell and Katie Aselton for horror/thriller Black Rock.

The movie follows three childhood friends who reunite for a weekend away on a remote island. After a wrong move, the trip suddenly turns into a dramatic fight for survival.

Bosworth is a versatile actress who has moved between different genres as well as tacking independent projects as well as big budget movies.

To celebrate the UK theatrical release of Black Rock, we look back at the top five films that helped make Kate Bosworth a star.

- Blue Crush (2002)

Starring alongside Michelle Rodriguez and Matthew Davis in the 2002 surfer film, Blue Crush, Kate Bosworth played the role of hard-core surfer, Anne Marie who lets nothing come between her and her surfboard.

Living in a beach shack with her roommates, Anne Marie starts to prepare for a big surfing competition determined not to let anything get in her way until she meets football player Matt (Davis) and finds herself falling for him.

Blue Crush proved to be the breakthrough role for the actress as she showed that she was a real star in the making.

The actress worked hard as she was preparing for the film as she added fifteen pounds of muscle as well as training with a surf board.

- Wonderland (2003)

In 2003 Kate Bosworth took to screens in James Cox’s crime drama, Wonderland opposite Val Kilmer and Carrie Fisher in the role of Dawn Schiller.

The story based around porn star John Holmes and the fight with his internal demons as his career and star faded in the early 80s leading him to become a murder suspect in a Los Angeles killing.

This was the darkest role of Bosworth’s career at that time and is showed a very different side to her as an actress as she demonstrated a gritty realism in her performance.

There was a real connection between Bosworth and Kilmer in the film and their scenes together were some of the best in the film.

- Beyond the Sea (2004)

In 2004, Bosworth starred as Sandra Dee in the Kevin Spacey directed study of “Mack the Knife” singer Bobby Darin.

Taking on the role of Sandra Dee opposite Spacey who starred as singer, Darin in which they took on the roles of the real life married couple. In 2005 the film went on to gain nominations for both a Golden Globe® and a Grammy® award.

Beyond The Sea was a movie that really did capture the essence and the spirit of the period - and that is down to Spacey’s great direction.

This may have been a passion project for Spacey but this is a movie where Bosworth also shines as she gives a superb performance.

- Superman Returns (2006)

In 2006 Bosworth stepped into the big budget blockbuster for the first time as she appeared in her most iconic role to date, that of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lois Lane in Superman Returns.

The movie was directed by Bryan Singer and saw Bosworth star alongside Brandon Routh, James Marsden and Kevin Spacey; it was her second project with Spacey after the pair worked on Beyond The Sea.

When Superman returns to Earth after a 5-year long visit to the lost remains of the Planet Krypton, he is surprised to find that Lois has settled down with a new man in her life and also a 5 year old boy, who may be Superman’s own offspring.

The role earned Kate a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actress as well as going on to voice the character in the coinciding video game.

Superman Returns was a big box office success as it went on to gross in excess of $391 million at the global box office by the end of its theatrical run.

- 21 (2008)

Bosworth would reunite with Spacey once again in 2008 as she starred in heist drama 21, which was directed by Robert Luketic and also starred Jim Sturgess.

The movie was based on the book Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich and followed a group of students from MIT who use their brains to beat the odds in Las Vegas.

21 is a slick and fast paced film about the art of counting cards at the black jack table. The young cast shined in their roles while Spacey made an excellent villain.

The movie topped the U.S. box office upon release and went on to be a commercial hit.

Black Rock is released in cinemas on 21st June 2013.

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