The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

It's hard to believe but the 17th December will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

The movie concluded Peter Jackson's epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy; films that remain some of my greatest cinema experiences of all time.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this terrific movie, we take a look at some of the best moments from this trilogy.

- Balrog vs Gandalf

Weta created some wonderful characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the Balrog was one best creations.

In the mines of Moria we see Gandalf go head to head with the Balrog in a bid to save his friends.

With the words 'you shall not pass' we see Gandalf at his most ferocious and badass.

- Look To The East

Gandalf is part of this great moment as well as he leads Eomer and his army in a charge on the enemy at Helm's Deep.

It all looks set for Aragon and co as the troops of Saruman look certain to claim a victory.

With the dawn comes Gandalf and the army as they charge down the hill to beat back the enemy.

- 'Shall I Get You A Box'

Sticking with theme of Helm's Deep, many of the best moments come from Legolas and Gimli.

The pair were at loggerheads at the beginning of the film, but as their journey progresses the buds of friendship flourish.

This scene show the somewhat vertically challenged Gimli struggling to see over the wall at Helm's Deep as the enemy moves in.

- 'I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things'

With the ring gone, Frodo can once again breathe the free air and he recognises the role that Sam has played on his journey.

The pair are expecting to face death and their bond and friendship really shines through with this single line.

This is a touching moment between two very good friends who will be connected forever by what they have been through.

- 'My friends, you bow to no one'

Throughout the whole LOTR series Aragon is a very humble character... and this is shown one final time during his coronation.

He honours and recognises the bravery and the sacrifice of the hobbits and calls on all of Minas Tirith to down to them.

- Saruman vs. Gandalf

Gandalf is a great character and really does have some wonderful moments throughout the film; mainly as Gandalf the Grey.

Early in The Fellowship of the Ring we see Gandalf betrayed by Saruman and the pair go head to head in an exciting wizard battle.

- Split Personality

Lord of the Rings would not be complete without Gollum - he really is one of my fave cinema characters of all time - played fantastically by Andy Serkis.

The split personality moment is one of the best scenes for the character as he battles with the good and evil side of himself.

Andy Serkis much be heavily praised for this scene as he creates two wonderfully different sides to the same character.

- 'Come and Claim Him' - Horse Waves

There are very few female characters in LOTR, but the ones that do appear have some great moments.

Liv Tyler aka Arwen has one of those moments in The Fellowship of the Ring, as she protects Frodo from a group of Ringwraiths.

Cleverly, she draws them into the water before calling on the power of her people to give them as soaking.

- Boromir's Death

Poor Sean bean seems to snuff it in just about every movie that he appears in... however, Boromir's death scene is one of the most powerful moments in the whole trilogy.

Bormir's atones for trying to take the ring from Frodo as he falls protecting Merry and Pippin.

It is also a touching moment between Boromir and Aragon as Boromir recognises Aragon as his king.

- Legolas at Helm's Deep

Orlando Bloom has a whole host of action packed moments as Legolas throughout the trilogy... however it is Helm's Deep that gives him his most iconic moment.

When the wall is destroyed and Aragorn and Gimli are in the thick of the fight, Legolas comes flying down a flight of steps on a shield killing the enemy left, right and centre.

- Sam's Monologue

Sam really comes into his own at the end of the The Two Towers as he gives Frodo the strength to continue his quest.

The pair have been taken off course by Faramir and are now in Osgiliath and Frodo is on the verge of giving up.

In a moving monologue Sam talks about why they need to continue to fight. This speech convinces Faramir to let them go and continue to Mordor.

- Aragorn Arrives At Helm's Deep

Poor Aragorn is really put through the ringer in the LOTR series. In The Two Towers he finds himself separated from Legolas and Gimli when he goes over the edge of a cliff during a fight with Saruman's Warg riders.

Despite this inconvenience Aragorn soldiers on and arrives at Helm's Deep a little battered and bruised.

He makes a hero style entrance as he announces to King Theoden that he is still alive.

- I'm No Man

Another great female moment comes thanks to Eowyn who fulfils her desire to go into battle on Pelennor Fields.

When she comes face to face with the Witch-king - while he is expecting to dispatch this 'man' with ease, Eowyn shows what strength and courage she has.

'I'm no man' is one of the most famous lines in the film - she utters them right before she kills the Witch-king.

Other great moments include Aragorn's rousing speech outside the gates of Mordor, seeing Shelob for the first time, Pelennor Fields as Theodin's army charge the enemy ranks outside Minas Tirith and Gollum's demise.

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