You really haven't been able to ignore British films this year as there have been some fantastic films hitting the big screen.

We have been treated to musicals, horror, drama, comedy and thrillers from a whole host of homegrown directors and actors.

To celebrate another film year for British cinema we take a look at the three films in this genre that have stood out amongst the rest.

- Philomena

Philomena has been one of the most talked about movies this autumn, as the heartbreaking true story of Philomena Lee was brought to the big screen.

The movie was based on the novel The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith, and saw Stephen Frears return to the director's chair.

Philomena follows the story of Philomena Lee, who has spent her life searching for the son she was forced to give up for adoption. She teams up with journalist Martin Sixsmith to help track him down.

Judi Dench is quite simply magnificent in the title role, as she give a truly heartbreaking performance. Steve Coogan is also equally good as the two actors make a mismatched and yet funny pair.

While it is a touching tale, Philomena will also have you laughing out loud; it is amazing how we seem to forget just how funny an actress Dench is.

Dench looks set to bag a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her performance, and I really would love to see her win.

- Sunshine On Leith

Dexter Fletcher is a bit of a favourite here at FemaleFirst, and he returned to the director's chair this autumn for musical Sunshine On Leith.

The movie is based on the hit stage show and see Fletcher tackle this genre for the first time; not to mention it couldn't be more different from his debut Wild Bill.

But Sunshine On Leith is a triumph from start to finish as it is a jubilant, heartfelt musical about the power of home, the hearth, family and love.

It is one of those movies that really does warm the heart as Peter Mullan, Jane Horrocks, George McKay and Kevin Guthrie fantastic performances; Horrocks and Mullan are particularly outstanding.

Fletcher finds the right balance of lost, loss, melancholy, laughs and hope to deliver the best musical of the year. I am already excited to see what he does next.

- Filth

James McAvoy has always been a bit of a favourite here at FemaleFirst, and he was back on the big screen this autumn with the fantastic Filth.

Filth is another of Irvine Welsh's novels to be adapted for the big screen, and see Jon S. Baird return to the director's chair.

The movie follows corrupt policeman Bruce Robertson (McAvoy) whose life spins out of control as he tries to secure a promotion.

Filth sees McAvoy at his outrageous best; this is character that we have not seen him play on the big screen before and he has clearly relished the challenge.

McAvoy pushes this character right to the edge - and yet he never tips over to the point where it becomes farcical or ridiculous. Bruce is a character that you should loathe, and yet you can’t help but like him.

A fantastic cast has been assembled around him as Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Eddie Marsan, Imogen Poots and Joanne Froggatt all also star.

Other British movies that are also not to be missed include Welcome To The Punch, About Time, How I Live Now and The World's End.

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