Michael Caine is one of the most iconic British actors of all time who has enjoyed a career that has spanned over fifty years and is still going strong.

The Last Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter

He is back on the big screen this week as he teams up with Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood for The Last Witch Hunter, which sees Breck Eisner in the director's chair.

We are huge fans of Caine here at FemaleFirst and we take a look at some of his unforgettable performances from the last decade... do you have a favourite?

- The Batman Trilogy (2005, 2008, 2012)

The Batman trilogy has been one of the best series of movies of the last ten years and it all began back in 2005 with Batman Begins - which also kicked off Caine's actor/director relationship with Christopher Nolan.

Caine was cast as Alfred in the first of Nolan's Batman films and immediately become a hit in this role - bringing some terrific dry humour to the part as well as a great chemistry with Christian Bale.

Batman Begins charts Alfred's relationship with Bruce Wayne from a young boy to the man that he becomes - he is also part of the inner circle who knows that Wayne is indeed Batman.

Over the course of the three movies, we see the relationship between Alfred and Bruce explored and expanded and it really is one of the most fascinating relationships in the series... The Dark Knight Rises really puts the relationship between the pair to the test and provides some of the most emotional moments for this popular character.

Caine brought a humour and a warmth to the character of Alfred and made him an integral part of Bruce Wayne's life - he was so much more than just the butler, which is something that I think was overlooked in previous batman movies.

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy was met with critical acclaim and box office success - especially The Dark Knight - and the three films gross over $2.4 billion at the global box office.

Batman Begins

- Harry Brown (2009)

Michael Caine returned to the big screen in a main role in 2009 as he starred in crime drama Harry Brown. The movie saw the actor take on the title role as he teamed up with filmmaker Daniel Barber. This was the feature film directorial debut for Barber and the movie followed an elderly ex-serviceman who takes the law into his own hands to avenge his best friend's murder.

Harry Brown was one of the best British movies of 2009 and saw Caine deliver and impressive and powerful performance as an unexpected vigilante who despairs at the world around him.

Of course it is action packed and rather violent but it also packs a very emotional punch as Harry Brown does not recognise the country that he fought for. Brown is a decent and upstanding man who has had enough with the crime that he sees around him and refuses to ignore it any longer. Caine beautifully captures the despair this man feels when he looks at the world and the next generation.

This is one of the meatiest roles that Caine has tackled over the last few years and it does draw comparisons with Gran Torino, which was directed and starred fellow acting veteran and icon Clint Eastwood.

Caine produces a tough as old boots performance as a man who has been pushed to the edge and no longer has anything to lose, he really does put in a great turn. Harry Brown is a gritty and hard-hitting movie that delivers some great moral messages and social commentaries that are as interesting as the action itself.

It is Caine's central performance that really will keep you hooked from start to finish as he immediately becomes a character that you side with and are rooting for - he really is terrific.

Harry Brown

- Is Anybody There? (2009)

2009 was a busy year for Caine and Is Anybody There? was a role and a performance that was totally different from Caine's work in Harry Brown.

Set in a retirement home, Is Anybody There? follows ten year old Edward, who has become obsessed with the afterlife and trying to capture the soul leaving the body at the time of death. An unexpected friendship blossoms between Edward and retired magician Clarence, who is determined to grow old disgracefully.

This may be a movie that does explore themes of death, old age, and losing the people that we love, but that does not make Is Anybody There? A depressing movie in any way. This is a movie that explores these themes with heart-warming humour and a smile and it really was, for me, one of the best films of 2009.

Michael Caine gives a terribly moving central performance as former magician Clarence, who is in the early stage of dementia and is struggling to deal with the events of his past. Through this character, we see how quickly time passes and how life is for living and enjoying every moment.

It is a touching relationship between Clarence and Edward as the older many tries to teach the young boy to live in the moment and the present and not spend so much time obsessing about those who have passed. Caine and Bill Miler are just wonderful together and it is this central relationship that really makes this film a gem.

Anything with Michael Caine in is well worth a watch, but he really does give a wonderful central performance in this movie. Is Anybody There? Is a quirky watch that presses a lot of emotional buttons as well as having a huge heart.

Is Anybody There

Other terrific Michael Caine performances from the last ten years include, The Prestige, Children of Men, and Interstellar.

The Last Witch Hunter is released 23rd October.

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