When it comes to paintings, sculptures, or photography as an art form, many people might feel the art going over their heads. With films, however, everyone can enjoy at least part of the artistry. Captivating moments, a thrilling coordinated action sequence, lovely phrases and speeches, and amazing special effects all working simultaneously to entertain us.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Not to mention that you'll learn something new from any film you see. It might range from fundamental life skills to more specialized information, such as how the legal system operates in a certain country and where it is located. This is extremely useful to maintain active minds and elongate youth. To learn something new, whatever it could be, is another selling point for movies. Another more substantial one is the legend Sharon Stone. She defined raunchy movies from the 90s. A brand that has truly put her on a pedestal seldom reached by actresses. So, what are the best movies starring the 90's icon?


It might be mind-boggling to name this as one of her best flicks given it is a cartoon movie. That said, all 90's babies remember seeing this as a child and how it marked the best-animated movies of the past decade. When it premiered a month before its rival "A Bug's Life," Pixar felt insulted, but that didn't stop viewers from getting moved by listening to Allens' typical neurotic whimpering coming out of Allena Z's lips. After meeting Stone's rebellious Bala, the colony princess, his life turns around when the royal ruins slip out at a "Roman Holiday" themed bar. Z gives her a uniform taken from the army and takes the garb of a soldier to meet her again.


Some critics believed that this is a brutally violent picture. Especially since it was based on a real-life mafia boss controlling Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s and early 1980s, so if you want to relive some of the classic magic from Sin City of old, you can try out the latest casino games to recapture some of that glitz and glamour. Scorsèse portrayed Sam Ace Rothstein in his ninth partnership with De Niro, a Jewish American player who was charged with overseeing a casino by the Chicago mafia. Pesci is the enforcer and boyhood buddy Nicky of his ruthless mad-man Nicky. Stone plays a gorgeous, yet horrible mess of a wife, Ginger McKenna, who's still making a name for herself as a powerful, rich person's (Deniro) wife.

Basic Instinct

Last but obviously not least, the movie that put her on the map, Basic Instinct. It isn't an exaggeration to say that this movie set the standard for all erotic thrillers to come. A noteworthy account from the production of the film shows that Stone did not agree to the R-rated scene, where her character spreads her legs during a cross-exam, marking one of the most iconic moments in cinematic history. Stone remembers that right after the sequence, she went and confronted filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, where she slapped him and proceeded to call her lawyer.

This is just one aspect of the controversy behind this movie. This sleek noir-erotic thriller is characteristically marked by the signature mischievous nature of Verhoeven. Not to mention how it unsettled gay rights defenders with Catherine Tramell, Stone's character who may have been a psychotic killer, and other overshadowed images of homosexuality. Talk of questionable artistic candor. However, the dazzling Stone — a dirty-mouthed Disney princess — knocks off her performance from the park, even if not every narrative point adds up.

Sharon Stone was first sighted when she debuted in 1980 in Way Allen's "Stardust Memories" as Pretty Girl on the train. When she blows a kiss from behind a train window, she leaves an impact. She then proceeded to act out some of the most life-defining roles of her career. A career that has been going strong for 41 years now. If you haven't seen a Stone movie yet, the three mentioned are the best place to start.