Over the last couple of years, we have seen more and more female driven movies not only hit the big screen, but also enjoy massive success… making Hollywood finally sit up and take note that not all big movies needed to be fronted by a dude.

2014 is set to see that fine trend continue, as there are a whole host of excited female led projects to watch out for, from blockbusters to comedies.

We take a look at some of the movies that we are particularly looking forward to over the next twelve months or so.

- Divergent - released 4th April

We have already seen a couple of female-front young adult franchises prove to be box office gold in recent years, and now Veronica Roth’s novel has been adapted for the big screen.

Divergent is the first in a trilogy of novels by Roth, and will see Shailene Woodley take on the central role of heroine Tris Prior; a role that is set to send the young actress’ star rocketing.

Woodley grabbed everyone’s attention when she starred alongside George Clooney in The Descendants, but this is the film that could well change her life.

Neil Burger is in the director’s chair for the film, while Evan Daugherty and Vanessa Taylor have had the task of adapting Roth’s novel into a screenplay.

I am a big fan of the Divergent series of novels, and I cannot wait to see how the first book transfers on to the big screen. Insurgent is already in the pipeline.

- The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 - released 21st November.

The Hunger Games has become one of the most successful female fronted franchises of all time, ever since the first film was released back in 2012.

The second the credits ran on Catching Fire last autumn I have been looking forward to Mockingjay - Part 1, as director Francis Lawrence has ramped up the tension and the excitement.

Lawrence is going to stay in the director’s chair for the final two movies, as Mockingjay - the final book in the trilogy - has been split into two movies. I have to say I am quite glad that the epic final to this great trilogy will not be crammed into just one film.

Jennifer Lawrence’s central performance as Katniss Everdeen has really helped propel this franchise; she has beautifully captured the strength and the vulnerability of this fantastic central character.

This third instalment will follow Katniss as war has broken out against the Capitol, and Katniss has become the reluctant symbol of that revolution.

This movie is set to be the biggest film in the series yet, as the consequences of Katniss’ actions are going to have greater repercussions that ever before. The Hunger Games is already a billion dollar franchise, and Mockingjay - Part 1 is going to be the biggest film yet.

- The Other Woman - released 23rd April

Cameron Diaz is set to return to the romantic comedy genre this spring, as she leads an all-star cast in The Other Woman. We have seen in recent years with the likes of Bridesmaids and The Heat, that there is huge demand for female driven comedy movies.

Leslie Mann and Kate Upton join Cameron on the cast list, while Nick Cassavetes is in the director’s chair for this film. This will be the second time that Cassavetes has worked with Diaz, as they pair teamed up for My Sister’s Keeper.

There are some fellas to watch out for on the cast list, as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Taylor Kinney will also star - however, it is really all about the girls.

After realizing, she is not her boyfriend's primary lover, a woman teams up with his wife and plots mutual revenge.

Diaz has made some terrific comedy performances during her career, and it is great to see her return to this genre; comedy is something that really does seem to come incredibly naturally to her.

The Other Woman is one of the big female driven comedy films of 2014, and it will be interesting to see how it performs at the box office.

- Tracks - released 25th April

Mia Wasikowska is one of the most exciting young actresses working in Hollywood at the moment, and she is set to return to the big screen this spring in Tracks.

Tracks will see her team up with John Curran for the first time, as they tell the incredible true story of Robyn Davidson. The movie is based on the memoir by Davidson, who embarked on a 1,700 mile trek across the deserts of West Australia.

Despite being told that her journey couldn’t be done, Tracks is an incredible story of endurance, strength and personal discovery.

Wasikowska is joined on the cast list by Adam Driver, Emma Booth, Melanie Zanetti and Jessica Tovey, in what is set to be one of the great biopics of the year.

Tracks is one of the films that I have been looking forward to for some time, and I can’t wait to see Wasikowska take on one of the most challenging roles of her career to date.

- Maleficent - released 28th May

It has been a while since we have seen Angelina Jolie on the big screen - her last film outing was The Tourist, and the least said about that the better.

However, the Oscar winner is set to make a triumphant return this May, as she takes on the title role in Maleficent: one of Disney’s greatest villains.

We all know the story of Snow White, but Maleficent will tell the tale from the perspective of the villain, as we discover more about this character than ever before.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet then you really should check it out, as Jolie looks the business in the iconic horned headpiece of Maleficent.

The movie will mark the feature film directorial debut of Robert Stromberg, and Maleficent is set to be one of the early blockbusters not to miss this summer.

- Grace of Monaco - released 6th June

No year is complete without a great biopic film or two, and Grace of Monaco promises to be one not to miss.

Directed by Oliver Dahan, the movie will follow actress Grace Kelly as she leaves Hollywood behind to marry Monaco’s Prince Rainier III. The movie is set during the early sixties, during a time of political dispute between Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle.

Nicole Kidman is set to star as Kelly, in a movie that is being tipped as a possible Oscar contender for Best Actress when the nominations are announced at the beginning of next year.

Grace of Monaco is the second biopic project that we will see Kidman star in this year, having appeared alongside Colin Firth in The Railway Man back in January.

An all-star cast has been assembled for Grace of Monaco, as Tim Roth, Frank Langella, Derek Jacobi, Parker Posey and Paz Vega are all on board.

If you are a fan of the female driven film, then 2014 is set to be an exciting year in this genre, as these are just some of the films to look forward to.

Divergent is released 4th April.

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