Halle Berry in The Call

Halle Berry in The Call

Halle Berry is back on the big screen this week as she leads the cast in thriller The Call; which is directed by Brad Anderson.

Berry takes on a role of a 911 operator in the film who has to fight to save a young girl's life from a killer.

To celebrate the release of The Call we look back at Berry's career and her top six performances.

Monster's Ball (2002)

It has been ten years since Halle Berry was crowned Best Actress, for her terrific central performance in Monster's Ball.

Directed by Marc Forster the film saw Berry deliver the performance of her career as she took on the role of Leticia Musgrove; wife of a man who has just been executed on death row, and mother to a son who has just died in a car accident.

Monster's Ball is an enthralling and yet brutal watch from start to finish; it really is totally heart-breaking.

This is a movie that tackles love loss, racism in an incredibly powerful and provocative manner.

Berry is simply sublime in the central role, and this remains her most powerful performance.

Cloud Atlas (2013)

Cloud Atlas remains one of the best movies of the year as Tom Tykwer and Andy & Lana Wachowski brought David Mitchell's complex novel to the big screen.

Berry took on six different roles in the film from journalist Luisa Rey to futuristic woman Meronym.

Cloud Atlas is a sprawling film that looks people meeting again and again through time and is set in the past, the present and the future.

Cloud Atlas is a movie that has a little bit of magic in it as you can see that it has been brought together - by directors and actors - with real care.

Berry is on fine form throughout and this movie is nothing like we have ever seen her in before.

She jumps from character to character with ease, bringing something different every time. This is a film that is not to be missed.

X-Men (2000)

It was back in 2000 when X-Men hit the big screen for the first time, as Bryan Singer kicked off a great superhero franchise.

X-Men kicked off the franchise in fine style, and it has since gone on to be one of the most successful.

Berry took on the role of Storm as part of an all star cast that included Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart.

X-Men was a great introduction to the franchise as it was a movie that stayed faithful to the comic and introduced us to a sting of fascinating and watchable characters.

This was the first big franchise that Berry had starred in and she commanded the screen as a mutant who had squared with who and what she was.

Die Another Day (2002)

In 2002 James Bond returned to the big screen as Pierce Brosnan reprised the role of 007 for Die Another Day; it was to be his final Bond film.

The movie followed Bond as he tried to find the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a diamond mogul who is funding the development of an international space weapon.

Halle Berry was on board as Bond girl Jinx; a strong and feisty woman who could more than take care of herself.

Jinx was one of the new breed of Bond women and Berry played her with a coolness and a sexiness; Berry coming out of the sea if a Bond moment that will never be forgotten.

The movie went on to be a big box office hit as it took over $431 million worldwide.

X2 (2003)

Halle Berry returned to the role of Storm in 2003 as X2 hit the big screen.

Directed, once again, by Bryan Singer the movie was bigger and bolder than the first; it remains the best X-Men movie in the franchise.

The X-Men are called into action when an assassination on the President of the United States fails.

But Xavier's X-Men have problems of their own as the school comes under attack; it could be linked to Wolverine's past.

X2 remains the jewel in the X-Men franchise as it is a movie that was just terrific from start to finish.

Berry again turned in a great performance as Storm as we got to saw just how strong a mutant she really is.

X2 remains one of the best superhero movies to ever hit the big screen.

Things We Lost in the Fire (2008)

Berry teamed up with director Susanne Bier and actor Benicio Del Toro in 2008 for the moving Things We Lost in the Fire.

Berry plays a widow who invites her husband's best friend to come and live with her and her two children to try and get his life back on track.

Things We Lost in the Fire is a movie that looks at loss and addiction and yet is a movie with real heart.

It is also a movie about hope as it follows the two central characters as they try to overcome life's obstacles; Berry and Del Toro deliver fantastic performances.

Audrey and Jerry are both complex characters with many layers who are struggling to cope with what has come their way.

This is a touching movie that is really driven forward by these two moving central performances.

The Call is released 20th September.

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