Turner & Hooch

Turner & Hooch

The lovable pooch in Turner & Hooch has been named Top Dog in Film - according to a poll of animal-loving film fans.

Following the recent media frenzy over the performance of Uggie, the four-legged star of silent film The Artist, LOVEFiLM asked over 3,000 people to vote for their favourites from a list of the best loved canine stars of the big screen.

Samantha - the last dog left in New York and loyal companion to lone scientist Will Smith in I Am Legend - took second spot in the chart with 12 per cent, while errant puppy turned beloved family member Marley from Marley and Me scooped position number three with 10 per cent, despite his naughty behaviour relentlessly landing him in the dog house.

The animated Dug from Up is flying high in the chart in third place with nine per cent of votes. It seems film fans were as taken with him as he was with Kevin, the exotic bird, in the Pixar classic.

Springing into fourth place is another of Tom Hanks' dogs, Slinky from Toy Story.

Sheriff Woody's stretchy friend brought in eight per cent of the vote, followed closely by Lassie in Lassie Come Home who has won the hearts of film fans all over again and earned the collie the title of film's sixth top dog with seven per cent. 

Easy going friend to Jim Carrey turned super-dog, Milo from The Mask spins into seventh place, while elegant Lady from Lady and the Tramp pads into eighth with five per cent, cementing her place as the Elizabeth Taylor of the dog world. 

Easing into the top ten, Rowlf (The Muppets) commandeers four per cent of film fans' votes to be ninth top dog in film, followed by loyal dog Toto from the Wizard Of Oz in tenth (two per cent) for managing to hold his own against a tin man, a lion and a scarecrow.

The top ten screen hounds are:
1. Hooch (Turner & Hooch) - 15%
2. Samantha (I am Legend) - 12%
3. Marley (Marley and Me) - 10%
4. Dug (Up) - 9%
5. Slinky (Toy Story) - 8%
6. Lassie (Lassie Come Home) - 7%
7. Milo (The Mask) - 6 %
8. Lady (Lady and the Tramp) - 5%
9. Rowlf (The Muppets) - 4%
10. Toto (The Wizard Of Oz) - 2%

Other - 22%

Helen Cowley, Editor of LOVEFiLM, commented:  "We think it's only fair that our canine friends receive praise for their noteworthy performances.

"With countless animal actors appearing in film over the years - just like Uggie from The Artist, we think they deserve a share of the limelight too!"