We haven't seen Emma Watson on the big screen since the end of last year but she is set to return this summer with her latest film the Colony.

The Colony

The Colony

The Colony - originally called Colonia - will see the actress team up with filmmaker Florian Gallenberger for the first time. This is the fourth feature film from the director and the first since City of War: The Story of John Rabe back in 2009.

As well as being in the director's chair, Gallenberger has also teamed up with Torsten Wenzel to pen the film's screenplay.

The movie is set to hit the big screen at the beginning of July and the brand new UK trailer for the film has been released. Take a look:

The Colony is based on harrowing true events and sees Watson take on the central role of Lena, a young woman desperately searching for her partner Daniel, who is trapped in a secret interrogation camp.

Daniel Bruhl takes on the role of Daniel as he works with Watson for the first time. Bruhl and Watson are joined on the cast list by Michael Nyqvist, Richenda Carey, and Julian Ovenden.

Set amidst the Chilean coup of 1973, The Colony begins by depicting the masses who are out on the street, protesting against General Pinochet. Amongst them are Daniel (Brühl) and Lena (Watson), a young couple who, like many others, get arrested by Pinochet's secret police for producing propaganda against the regime. Following his arrest, Daniel finds himself trapped in a secret interrogation camp located beneath the infamous Colonia Dignidad; a German sect under the leadership of the notorious, charismatic and unflinching Paul Schäfer (Nyqvist).

Presenting itself as a charitable mission, the Colonia is, in fact, a place of brutality and terror that nobody has ever escaped from. Desperate to rescue her boyfriend, Lena infiltrates the cult and witnesses the true darkness of Schäfer's regime before she attempts a dramatic escape that puts both their lives on the line.

Watson is one of the most talented actresses around and it is always exciting when one of her movies is on the horizon.

The Colony is released 1st July.

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