There’s a reason Wonder Woman has been making huge waves across the globe. Taking in over $800 million in the worldwide box office, the film has been praised for its incredible storytelling, relatable characters and the way in which its titular lead – played by Gal Gadot – has inspired legions of young girls around the world to stand up and be strong against all odds.

Gal Gadot stars in the titular role

Gal Gadot stars in the titular role

We echo all of that and more; Wonder Woman is a brilliant example of how a superhero film doesn’t have to be led by a straight, white male to succeed. It doesn’t even need a man sat in the Director’s Chair to be a success, as Patty Jenkins has done a fantastic job here.

Undoubtedly the best entry into the DC Extended Universe yet, the thirst for more Wonder Woman content is high, and we’d be shocked if she doesn’t see an increased amount of screen time in the upcoming Justice League thanks to the brilliant reception she’s received with her solo film outing.

Fortunately for those fans, the Blu-ray edition of Wonder Woman provides hours of new content, including a slew of deleted scenes and a hilarious gag reel, alongside an epilogue and series of featurettes that delve deeply into some of the film’s most defining moments.

Exploring the origins of Amazon Princess, Diana Prince was always going to be a tricky thing for any filmmaker to bring to the big screen. She’s a character like none other and although she’s a leading lady when it comes to the pages of DC Comics, she’s often been overlooked on other forms of media, such as television and film. What that means is that there was arguably a higher level of expectation when it came to this release than any of the DCEU flicks that had come before it. Fortunately, with the perfect team around it, Wonder Woman managed to not just reach those expectations, but exceed them on all counts.

Whilst this is a fantastic representation of powerful, strong and talented women in the industry, we must also give props to the brilliant Chris Pine, who brings Steve Trevor to life in a way the fictional character may not have been given the chance to if another actor had stepped into the role. Steve isn’t one of the most memorable men of DC, but in this film Pine does well to ensure he makes a big impression.

Though it’s packed full of Easter Eggs and hidden secrets for the fans who have been with the DCEU and indeed the entire DC world for some time, it could be argued that Wonder Woman is the perfect entry point for anybody hoping to jump into the action without being too confused.

Away from the direction, acting and storytelling, it’s also worth noting just how gorgeous a film Wonder Woman really is. From the lush lands of the Paradise Island known as Themyscira, to the cold streets of London, every moment brings viewers right into the scene and allows them to fully immerse themselves in the action taking place on screen.

If you’ve given Wonder Woman a miss to this point, it’s time to bite the bullet and pick up a copy of the film. You’ll be nodding along in agreement with all of those lauding it for its brilliance before too long.

Wonder Woman is out now on Digital Download, 4K UHD, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD.

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