The Little Vampire is a story many of us are familiar with, but a whole new take on the tale is set to come to Vue nationwide cinemas exclusively from May 25, 2018, courtesy of Signature Entertainment! Based on the best-selling book series by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, the animated adventure brings together an all-star voice cast, including Jim Carter, Miriam Margolyes, and Tim Pigott-Smith. Today, we can bring you the world exclusive first look at the new trailer for the film, which shows just how delightful the beautiful family flick is going to be. Check it out below, along with a brilliant new poster!

Hitting Vue Cinemas On May 25, 2018
Hitting Vue Cinemas On May 25, 2018

For those unfamiliar, The Little Vampire tells the story of 13-year-old vampire Rudolph, who doesn’t only have to struggle with the imperfect life handed down to him as part of his heritage, but whose entire family is being hunted down by an aggressive vampire hunter known as Rookery.

Rudolph comes from a strict family, and along with his older brother Gregory and his younger sister Anna, he’s denied almost everything by his parents. So, when he meets 12-year-old Tony; a human with an obsession with everything otherworldly, he jumps at the opportunity to bring his new friend to Transylvania.

Melding their families together, the two clans learn to put their prejudices to one side in order to fight alongside one another for the greater good. With danger around every corner, both vampires and humans must show courage and ingenuity if they’re to come out of one of the biggest challenges they’ve ever faced with their lives intact.

Richard Claus and Karsten Kiilerich co-direct from a screenplay by Claus and Larry Wilson, whilst Claus also serves as producer alongside Chris Brouwer. Edward Noeltner, Brian Cleveland, and Jason Cleveland all act as executive producers on the film, with co-producers Anders Mastrup and Maya Rothkirch also involved.

The Little Vampire comes exclusively to Vue nationwide from May 25, 2018.

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