Dead By April - Losing You

Dead By April - Losing You

To be honest, the main reason I wanted to check out Dead By April is because they looked super fit on their promotional photos, and their online biography made them sound like the type of band I’d like…

Now you know a music journalist’s job is to source the best new bands for their readers (as well as lots and lots of other super complicated stuff!) but I think discovering the epic band that is Dead By April has given me enough joy that I don’t have to bother looking for anyone else.

The truth is, this band are exactly what I look for in musicians who will adorn my CD rack, and DBA certainly tick all my boxes… with a ear-shatteringly good instrumental backing, layered with swan-like vocal, grizzly bear-esque growls as well as the odd scream thrown in for good measure.

The breakdowns you would usually hear from a ‘hardcore’ band are expertly worked into their almost string-sectioned sounds, and make these guys a lot more accessible to audiences who have a real distaste for the rib cage crushing sounds of many a band these days… Dead By April are a way to let you in gently,

There’s no way I can describe to you how much you’ll love these guys if you have a particular fondness for the likes of Across Five Aprils (R.I.P) and A Day To Remember, but please, just trust me, you have to check them out!

Rating: 5/5 - can’t wait to hear the album.

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