Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein grieving family has given MTV producers the green light to air the hard-hitting documentary the star was making before he died in August.

The DJ had shot eight episodes of Gone Too Far before he was found dead of an accidental drug overdose in his New York apartment on 28 August, aged 36.

In the series, Goldstein offered help, support and tough love to troubled addicts. A former substance abuser himself, the DJ slipped back to his dark past just before the tragedy. A cocktail of drugs were found  in his body  and reports suggest he promised his longtime sponsor he'd enter rehab just before he died.

Now Goldstein's family hopes his efforts will inspire addicts to get clean. A statement from the family reads: "After careful consideration we have decided to air the show. Adam felt strongly that by doing this series he could help other addicts who were at a crisis point to get sober.

“Adam was fully aware that if it were not for his own sobriety he never would have achieved the level of success and happiness he had found. Helping people in their recovery was a huge part of Adam’s life. It is our hope through airing this show that people will get to see the side of Adam that we knew and loved, not just the celebrity DJ, but the honest and caring person who gave so much of himself to help others. The decision to air the show has been difficult, but we do this with the profound belief that it will inspire others to seek help."

Gone Too Far is set to premiere on 12 October - just one week after its original premiere date.

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