Meighan Nealon started her career as a dancer on the popular Canadian TV show Electric Circus on MuchMusic. She was always an avid singer and performer from early on but never took the singing aspect of her career seriously. During her time at Electric Circus she was introduced to Hip Hop producer Adrian Gariba. Adrian at the time was working on a hip hop project based in NY. He offered to feature Meighan on one of the songs and took a trip to NY to show her the progress of that project. In NY Meighan was shown the larger aspect of the music industry while recording at the famous Quad Studios. Upon returning to Toronto she became more and more interested in pursuing a solo career but was unable to find her sound in the Hip Hop. Meighan decided to do the unthinkable and packed her bags and moved to Asia. Initially, she moved to Taiwan to study Mandarin Chinese.The culture shock and media in Taiwan was perhaps the defining moment and inspiration taking her back to music and finding her sound. While in Taiwan, she co-wrote (what would be her first song) "just like this" with Adrian. After nearly 3 years of living in Taiwan Meighan decided to return to Toronto, to have a try at the music once again . There, Adrian co-produced the song with local production company Robeter Productions who specialized more in the electronic genre. Not knowing what to do next in June 2006 she decided to put the song on the MYSPACE. She became hugely popular on the site in very short time and was scrambling on what to do as she still had no distribution, money or plan for the song. Then came a message through Myspace from Italy Steve Forest ( Italian based DJ/ Producer).He was interested in having Meighan do vocals for a song. Meighan immediately agreed and contacted Adrian and his writing partner Gary to see what they can brainstorm. "Picture" is the result of this . The song was then mixed and produced by Nicola Fasano Dj/producer the Italian Pop/House producer, (NF Project, Fish and Chips, Cafe Groove). and as soon as the first mix was put on myspace it immediately took off. Meighan then decided to move once again to London UK due to the positive outlook of this release. More mixes followed by Steve Forest, 7th heaven, Loverush! UK and Made in Japan NF Project ft Meighan Nealon