Riva Starr presents Batería Fantástica

Riva Starr presents Batería Fantástica

Riva Starr has been cooking up a special batch Batería Fantástica is set for release on Snatch! in April and features a special blend of exclusive & original South American flavoured cuts made especially for you by some of the coolest producers on the planet.

Heavily influenced by the cultural and musical history of the South, and homage to the early Miami days, label head honcho Riva Starr called upon some of his favourite producers to create and collide, to form a unique and rich cultural flavour that is unlike their usual sound.

The tracks have been exclusively crafted for Batería Fantástica with two collaborations from Riva, one with DJ Sneak, and the other with Guti.

Other artists on the album include Carl Cox & Jon Rundell, Butch, Nouveau Yorican, El Pocho, DJ Madskillz & 2000andOne, Ramon Tapia, Pirupa & Spada, Toto La Momposina, Aldo Cadiz and more.

Talking about his inspiration behind the compilation, Riva says: "I come from Naples, South of Italy and South of the world. I have always had a very strong connection with the sounds and atmospheres of the South.

"That’s why I wanted to involve some of my friends in on this special project where everyone creates a track, exclusively made for this album - something different and fresh.

"The guys delivered a whole range of tracks, from huge bangers to deep & dark to the more groovy, warmer vibe. This album will get your feet burning. FIESTA!"

The launch of Batería Fantástica begins in Miami @ Mokai on March 22nd.  The line-up comprises of Riva back2back with DJ Sneak, Guti (Live), Pirupa back2back with Ramon Tapia and Leon.

3 EPs will be released prior to the compilation, and will be in two formats, Digital / Limited Physical (single CD / double Vinyl) - all tracks are exclusive.
01) Riva Starr & DJ Sneak - Manduka (Riva Starr Cut) + Manduka (DJ Sneak Cut) DJ Tool
02) El Pocho - A Mi Amigo (Original Mix)
03) Gonzalez & Gonzalo - La Fiesta (Original Mix)
04) Carl Cox & Jon Rundell - Caipiroska (Original Mix)
05) 2000 and One & DJ Madskillz - Los Olvidados (Original Mix)
06) Aldo Cadiz - Negrito Ven (Riva Starr Cut)
07) Pirupa & Spada - Carioca (Original Mix)
08) Toto La Momposina - Oye Mulata (El Pocho Remix)
09) Riva Starr & Guti - La Orquesta De La Buena Voluntad (Original Mix)
10) Ramon Tapia - The Clash (Original Mix) + La Orquesta DJ Tool
11) Ricky Rozay - Bada Pre Good (Original Mix)
12) Nouveau Yorican - Quiere Mas (Original Mix)
13) &ME - Dios (Original Mix)
14) Butch - Sherlock Homos (Original Mix)
Tour Dates

3rd March - Lima, Washington DC, USA
9th March - Pacha NY, NY, USA
10th March - Beta, Denver, USA
12th March - Monday Social, LA, USA
15th March - Vessel, San Francisco, USA
16th March - Celebrities, Vancouver, Canada
17th March - Rain at the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, USA
18th March - Set, Miami, USA
22nd March - Launch @ Mokai, Miami, USA
24th March - Nikki Beach, Miami, USA         
31st March - Drop/Arenile, Napoli, Italy
7th April - Living Club, Lecce, Italy
8th April - Jubilee Club, Bari, Italy
14th April - Warehouse, Birmingham, UK
21st April - I’m a Beatfreak, Berlin, Germany
28th April - Strom.Club, P, Vienna, Austria
12th May - Alter Ego, Verona, Italy
25th May - Sankeys, Manchester, UK
27th May - Open Air Festival, Amsterdam, NL
3rd June - Bateria Fantastica @ El Row, Barcelona, Spain