Rock this mass of remixes! The sounds are calling you!

Club heads: Where is the damn melody, Robag? What did you do to the melody you muppet? Wruhme: YouÖ must be somewhere around here. Tell me where you are!The Wruhme works doubtlessly belong to everyone who can make room for the poetic in their dance music. Whether with his partner in Wighnomy Brothers together plying the tools of the trade, or as Producer Robag: Sound and rhythm teem with innovative ideas, which arise through an abundance of inspiration and influences.Wherever excitement is favoured over melancholy effect, electronic orgies which aren’t ripped but rather in remix form, it is only right for yet a second body of work to be presented on a CD. The ‘with care’ assembled storage medium’s effect is anything but that of a pure collection of isolated cuts. Rather it works as a demanding, sensuous electronic symphony to embrace and cherish. A feather light feeling of completeness, with a euphoric kick in every song (indeed, song instead of track is definitely more appropriate!). Robags effusions are mere software-chanson-miniatures ‘amped’ to the max.Here someone didn’t just turn in his homework, but what looks like eleven small dissertations. Admirer’s can simply tell that a natural, happy relationship exists among the electro- paced hills and valleys through which they are led.Classical dance music meets experiments and synthetic song structures (that’s right, song!). With a fetish for the universal electronic sound cult, there stands a wheel where the profile can barely be made out, which seems to roll with some convolution. The core kind of melts right there where the music, intellect and heart pare all movement to a sense-full flowing of power and sensibilities.This is a sound, that makes the room thoroughly comfortable whether the sofa measures 20 ft. square or if the walls surround a wetland swamp!

Pure passion is always allowed to conquer!Wighnomy Brothers