Pepe Deluxe

Pepe Deluxe

Pepe Deluxe have annouced the release of their new single, ‘A Night and A Day’ on the 16th January.

The track is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Queen of The Wave’ which will drop a couple of weeks later on the 23rd (details of a rather special album launch will be announced soon).

'A Night and A Day' is like an epic adventure, but a short epic adventure, which has been condensed into three and a half minutes. Listening to this feels a bit like watching some kind of 1950s film, but on fast-forward, there’s definitely a beach scene and maybe a bit of Carry On style humour added in for good measure.

The new album, 'Queen of the Wave', is one of the most unique musical propositions to be released in recent years .

Pepe Deluxé have been working their musical magic since their initial formation in 1995 and the line-up has seen many changes throughout the years, but founder member James Spectrum (AKA Jari Salo) has been the main man, keeping the plates spinning and is now joined by multi-instrumentalist Paul Malmstrom as a permanent core member.

In recording the new album, Spectrum and Malmstrom have marshalled a troupe of  talented, eclectic guest performers and including a heavy metal drummer, a prolific actress, an opera singer and members from various Finnish bands including Husky Rescue and Iceland's Múm.