The Wombles

The Wombles

OMG! Can you actually believe this is happening? The Wombles are in talks to reform and play the main stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival!

Okay, so the actual Wombles aren’t talking, as we all know they’re just men inside big animal suits, but still, the imagination is there and considering they had a string of Top Ten hits back in the ‘70s, it could go down a storm.

We all know the people at Glastonbury like to think they’re ‘quirky’ and cool - not like us ‘moshers’ who head to Download, so singing along to a load of grown men in furry outfits would be the epitome of ‘indie individualism man’.

Okay, so Glasto has U2, Muse and Stevie Wonder, are the Wombles really going to attract a crowd? And could you imagine Bono hanging out with one, I doubt it.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison