Following on from their great album 'Lunatic', which we reviewed all the way back in August 2014, KONGOS are back with their new record and single, and have done a special feature for readers at Female First!



Telling us a little more about themselves with some funny and interesting facts, let the guys tell you a little more about them...

  1. We are four brothers; Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Daniel. We were born in South Africa but moved to Arizona in the nineties.
  2. Our dad was a rockstar in the 70s - John Kongos - and his track 'He's Gonna Step On You Again' was reworked in 1990s by Happy Mondays.
  3. Jesse loves baked beans on toast.
  4. Johnny was a massive Wu-Tang Clan fan and used to carry his CDs round and DJ at his friend's parties.
  5. Dylan has green fingers and has a very large vegetable patch at 3000 square feet.
  6. We are all big fans of film director PR Anderson whose CV includes Boogie Nights, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood.
  7. Daniel used to do fashion photography.
  8. Johnny ended up playing the accordion because he lost a bet with the rest of the band.
  9. We used to make funny bar mitzvah videos when we were younger in the style of MTV Cribs.
  10. We have toured American with Kings of Leon and Europe with OneRepublic.
  11. Dylan is often asked what product he uses on his hair - the answer is coconut oil!
  12. We all recently got hanging toilet bags and it's changed our touring life!
  13. We tend to write songs individually for our albums with the exception of 'I Want It Free' on our new album. It's our first collaboration, all four of us, which is kind of funny on an album called 'Egomaniac'!
  14. Our favourite thing to cook is curry and when we're on tour, Indian food is our saviour; every town seems to have a great Indian restaurant.
  15. Our musical influences range far and wide but the most notable are probably Paul Simon, Bob Marley and Queens Of The Stone Age.

New album 'Egomaniac' is available now, featuring latest single 'Take It From Me'.

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