With their brand new single ‘Japanese Flower Garden’ out now, we decided to get some quick, fun facts from Screaming Peaches (Theo Spark, Jamie Stiby Harris, Oliver Tobin and Coz Kerrigan) to find out a little bit more about the foursome we can’t stop listening to!

Theo, Jamie, Coz and Oliver are Screaming Peaches

Theo, Jamie, Coz and Oliver are Screaming Peaches

Find out what they had to say about themselves – and each other – as we delve into 15 Things Screaming Peaches Want YOU To Know About THEM!

  1. Theo is not as tall as people think. Actual height is 5'8 and those Cuban heels pack quite the punch.
  2. Theo is a keen amateur wrestler and hopes to enter the ring for his first public performance later this year.
  3. Theo is not as handsome as people think. His charm is masked by layers of deep-rooted insecurity and foundation.
  4. Theo likes to recite poetry in the summer to passersby in central London. You can find him often in Primrose Hill from June to August.
  5. Jamie was first published at the age of seven in a book of short stories, alongside pieces by John let Carre, Wendy Cope, Doris Lessing and Ralph Fiennes.
  6. Jamie is into fitness and is looking for a gym buddy.
  7. Jamie likes having fun and trying new things, he's loud, fun and bubbly and he's bound to make you laugh.
  8. Jamie runs a Zumba class fortnightly called 'Shakira Shakira' at his local Fitness First.
  9. Robert is Tuesday's child and full of grace.
  10. Robert breaks eggs on a flat surface.
  11. Robert's washing machine makes his laundry dirtier.
  12. Ollie is a wizard in the kitchen.
  13. Ollie is great at DIY.
  14. Ollie is often loved but never liked.
  15. Ollie is known to be a selfish lover.

If Screaming Peaches look familiar, it’s probably because they released music back in 2014 under the name ‘MOVIE’. In summer 2015 however, the group decided to take a small break so they could work on film projects and a Claymation opera based on Don Giovanni.

2016 brought them all back together once more, as they wrote brand new tracks constructed with their own brand, which they’ve christened ‘art pop funk’. The first fruits of that labour is new single ‘Japanese Flower Garden’.

Shot and directed by good friends of the band Becan and Simon – from the band Pleasure Complex – you can check out the video for the song below:

Keep up-to-date with Screaming Peaches on their official website www.screamingpeaches.com, on Facebook at Facebook.com/ScreamingPeachesBand, on Twitter @ScreamingPeachs, Instagram @ScreamingPeachesBand, on YouTube at www.youtube.com/c/screamingpeachesband or on SoundCloud at www.soundcloud.com/screamingpeaches.

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