Sure, Pink is as cool as ice now, but she's been around for much longer than we ever give her credit for. Her 2002 album, "Missundaztood," was the album that truly established her as an edgy pop act.



Pierced and tattooed, Pink offered attitude and teenage angst that was missing from the pop scene, and subsequently 'punked' up the genre, leading single, "Get The Party Started," could be claimed as the song that single-handedly kick-started Pink's singing career.

The album spawned off other massive titles; "Don't Let Me Get Me," "Just Like a Pill," - which was Pink's first UK number one - and "Family Portrait," it was certified gold or platinum in 20 countries and was the second biggest selling album of 2002 in the UK, and of Pink's career to date.

This year we were amazed when we saw Pink perform a trapeze act whilst singing "Sober" at the MTV Video Awards - 2002 gave us Pink, and we are very thankful!

FemaleFirst - Jennifer Dixon

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