Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert’s is one of the biggest success stories from American Idol, with the Indianapolis born singer going from the musical stage to topping the charts with a devoted fan base backing him up all the way.

Despite a promising career on stage, it was the world of pop that lured him in, after a psychedelic experience at festival Burning Man convinced him to audition for the eighth series of American Idol.

His time on American Idol was the perfect stage for his talent to shine, as his exuberant personality and performance style was a breath of fresh air for a show that was crying out for something new. Even though he didn’t win the show, coming in second to Kris Allen, Adam Lambert was arguably the star of the competition.

This was shown in the performance of his first album For Your Entertainment, which successfully navigated the choppy waters that have claimed so many a reality show contestant, getting into the top three in the charts.

While it was an extremely competent album that showed off his vocal talents excellently, and one of the best debuts from an American Idol contestant, something didn’t feel quite right.

One collaboration would not only be highly fruitful, but also pointed out where Lambert was set to go with his career trajectory.

While Queen have had a long list of vocalists join them on stage, Adam Lambert was easily one of the most natural fits with the band, with his massive voice the perfect fit for many of Queens epic songs.

It’s a link he’s continued over the last year and one that will hopefully remain intact for some time to come. We just really hope they decide to have a go in the recording session.

It’s only in the last year though that he’s really started showing exactly what he can do in the recording studio though.

The success of Trespassing was absolutely sensational. Rocketing to number one in the American album charts, it surpassed all expectations and made Lambert the first openly gay musician ever to top the Billboard 200.

While the sales figures were incredible, the step up in quality between debut and follow up was just as big, with it universally being given the thumbs up by critics (we even called it one of our top ten albums of 2012) Trespassing was a real show of intent from Lambert.

His second album really allowed Lambert to express himself creatively, with nearly every track on the album written, at least in some way by Lambert. The extra freedom is worth its weight in gold, with Trespassing outdoing For Your Entertainment in every single respect.

Able to escape the ballads that had unfortunately become synonymous with his name, Trespassing was an album that embraced the sillier side of Lambert, with much more up-tempo numbers that revelled in the world of glam-pop and simply strutted about for all to see.

Adam Lambert hasn’t just defied the expectations for American Idol contestants; he’s smashed them, all while not going into a well-trod musical path and really making a musical niche out for himself.

The success of Trespassing and his legions of fans go to show that Lambert might just be the best role model for anyone else coming up through the world of reality talent shows.


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