Adele has become even stronger a favourite to become the voice of the new James Bond theme, after reports have emerged that she’s been spotted around Abbey Road studios.

With the soundtrack supposedly being recorded at the famous London studio, the singers visit earlier this month would signal that the early favourite for the gig has landed the biggest theme in showbiz.

While it would be another blue ribbon moment in a phenomenal couple of years for Adele, is she actually the best choice for the job?

She may have topped an IGN poll ahead of Muse for who the public want, and Chris Cornell has called her “perfect” for the role, but is it time for Bond to go back to a crooner?

Daniel Craig’s bond has always tried to break out of the mould of the old Bond films, from the plots, acting, style and even music. So what message would it send out to have an old school ballad over the main credits?

The past two films have broken away from the formula of simply having a Shirley Bassey belter with Chris Cornell’s rock track You Know My Name and the misguided Jack White/Alicia Keys number Another Way To Die. While the latter was a failed experiment, it at least tried to be inventive.

While the easy answer to avert another mistake would be to go to the old standard, that might just be two steps back for one forward.

So what’s the answer? Maybe do something slightly off-kilter with Adele. Mix her amazing vocal with something a little different and you may just have a classic theme.

With Thomas Newman in charge of Skyfall’s soundtrack (who’s made fantastic scores for films like American Beauty and Road to Perdition) and Sam Mendes himself involved with the film’s music, it seems unlikely that they’ll make a pigs ear of it though.

Just don’t make it dubstep guys, that’s going to age really badly.


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