Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown yesterday de-activated his Twitter account after yet another tussle on the social networking site with comedian Jenny Johnson; it’s time once again when I have to ask why this man is not a showbiz pariah.

Yes, Jenny Johnson does take any opportunity to take a pop at Chris Brown, but that’s no excuse for the hateful slew of abuse he subjected her to yesterday.

Ever since his conviction for assaulting then (and maybe current) girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, Chris Brown’s reputation has been shaky at best. He clearly needs a PR with a heavy hand though, after he’s not had the best media relations over the last year.

Following his foul mouth tirade at his ‘haters’ in the media after his Grammy win, his ill-advised Halloween costume (a thing that with the advent of social media has become a rather big deal) and this latest, horrendous argument on Twitter that only makes the misogynist tag that’s been attached to him of late harder to remove, Chris Brown’s public persona’s taken a battering.

Despite all of this, he’s still seemingly been welcomed back into the showbiz arena with open arms. He’s not shunned away from parties, or refused entry into award ceremonies, or even castigated so much that he doesn’t even bother attempting to turn up to them. Nope, he’s working with some of the biggest names in the industry once again.

The worst thing of all though is the reaction of his fans. Not only to they rush to the defence of his music (a perfectly viable thing, everyone is free to like whatever music they want to) but of the man himself, viciously attacking anyone who dares question his judgement, talent, or moral fibre.

As a film lover, I will defend the work of Roman Polanski, but I won’t jump to the defence of the man. Chris Brown’s legions of fans should take a leaf from that book. Defend the man’s music, not his actions outside of the studio.

Really, just don’t, he’s not worth it.

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