Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor

Last year we had Rage Against The Machine keeping that Dale Winton look-alike from the Christmas number one spot, and it looks as though Corey Taylor is the latest rocker planning to ruin some X Factor star's Christmas.

Being the total emo kid that I am, I found myself weeping into my mulled wine when Killing In The Name Of made it to the top spot last year and overthrew the whole corporate Number One machine that is SiCo and his X Factor malarkey.

Since Wagner is out of the competition, I am no longer bothered about the show, but once again, it would be good to have some decent music sitting pretty at the top of the Christmas Chart this year, so, with Corey saying "Hi Simon" at the end of the track, I'm taking that as him giving me permission for this competition.

Despite the fact that I told him he could win The X Factor, he didn't seem too keen on the one-hit wonder making machine… check out the single below, and tell me… Corey or X Factor?

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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