Deuce fans emailed in their droves when we asked them to provide a question for the man himself, which has just released his debut solo album Nine Lives.

And Deuce has been kind enough to answer as many of the questions as he could... is your amongst them?

- Lau9Lives: Will you release the 9Lives remix of the Undead song?

Yes, it just got released in the last couple days actually. Just go on my Facebook. My Facebook is super, just think Deuce then LA, the link is:

- Raslanov Deuce Al-mufleh: Deuce, when is your next UK tour ? And who inspires you to write music?

UK tour hopefully as soon as possible. I can't stop dreaming of English girlies. : ) Every artist inspires me. Every one of them gives me some inspiration but Deuce inspires me the most : )

- Shyam Mistry: What up, I have the album and I think that it’s really amazing; did you have fun filming the music videos for the singles you came out with?

Hell Ya. Specially lets get it crackin. All those titties got me horny. America was the funnest. I really like that song and feel like it has a strong message to it. I hope everyone in the UK gets that on their IPOD as soon as possible.

- Ashley Hemsley: Hey, what was your inspiration of your song America? Got to admit the lyrics are amazing! :)

My inspiration was all the angst and anger built up from the past and things I went through I was holding back for a while. Also my views on life and on people and I finally wanted to say it and put the truth out there for everyone to hear it.

To put the truth out there. It was all bottled inside me and it all came out. I guess it is a very truthful song and has a good message to it. I want people to know what I think of this world today. Fucked up or not I want people to know.

- Asmus: When did you start singing?

Around 14 and 15. I started playing piano and singing at the same time.  I have been writing songs since I was really young and that got me to sing.

I wrote songs with lyrics and recorded them with cheap equipment and just kept getting better and better.

- Donavon Diderrich: Hey Big DEUCE!!! I know you get a million questions about HU. But what is your reaction to their song "lights out" that is clearly a diss on you? Does it affect your writing?

It wasn't a diss to me. My name wasn't mentioned in it once so I don’t consider that a diss. If they were trying to diss me they should learn to write better lyrics cause its very unclear to who they are talking about. 

- Vadim: When are you release your track "lalala"?

I don't know exactly but I am always working on finishing tracks for the next releases to come so keep a look out. 

- Elvinas: Are you planning to do a tour in Europe?

Fuck ya gonna come soon.  Uproar is next though so come see me there.

- Grace Baker: Also another question, which one of your tattoos is your favourite?

The hour glass cause it represents time and time is music.

- Tia: What do you like most about singing?

The effect it has on people when you’re smart and clever enough. I like when you get people thinking and it changes their thoughts about things. Its the most powerful weapon. The most powerful weapon in this universe.

- DaChainsawkid: Whats your favourite song you’ve written for Hollywood Undead?

I never wrote songs for Hollywood Undead as it was a band I created and built up myself. I wrote too many songs when I was in that band so I can't answer that.  America is my favourite right now.

- Harry: Have you got a UK tour planned? And do you regret the time you spent in Hollywood Undead?

UK is being planned but there is nothing set in stone yet. No I don’t regret it. My reaction live as DEUCE is amazing. America my single is on the radio and selling 3000 copies a week and doing amazing and I am super happy. I don’t regret anything.

- Daniel: Deuce, My band is trying to make it big, we write all our own songs and create all the music. Do you any suggestions to make a name for ourselves to the community or the nation?

Play shows, put it out there on the internet and spread the word as much as possible.

- Marie: Really love the song (the one), just wanna know exactly what inspired you for the writing? - Canada fan!

It was inspired from a while back for me when at that time when I felt like I was supposed to be the one... the responsible one back in the day but didn't feel like I could do it.

I couldn’t hold everything together. Things kind of fell apart at one time for me and that’s when I wrote it.

- Kareen: Tell us your side of the story! Why'd you leave HU! I know it wasn't as bad as they said it was!

I'd rather not talk about it. It’s too long of a story to get in to.  ust listen to my music and you will find answers.

- Amber: What was it like being able to collab with different artists such as Ronnie Radke and Travie McCoy?? Who else would you love to be able to work with in the future?

It was awesome to collab with them. I work really good with collabs whether they are new, big or older artists.  I love collabing its one of my specialties. I would like to collab with Snoop, Wayne, Drake, Papa Roach.

- Samantha: What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? :)

The Deuce Ninelives album. Some of the tracks on there are the best I’ve written. ie: The One, America, I Came To Party, Lets Get It Crackin’. They are classics. Love writing them and playing them live.

- JNasty: Were the songs on Nine Lives something you had planned with HU or is it music you decided to write after the departure of HU?

I’ve always had a solo contract even when I was with HU. Most of them after. A few parts I had in my head earlier.

- Tammy Cohen: Deuce, What made you decide to wear a mask & how do you come up with the designs for them?

Every song has a different emotion and I like that I can have a mask to show that. The masks were just something I started with so I continued it. I worked with a designer on the masks.

- Jake Stepp: What makes you want to continue making music? And why did you come back so fast?

I make music because it’s what I was born to do in this world. That’s all I know and all I will ever do and is what I live for.

- Sam: Haven't you done a song with MGK? What happened to it? You're the one who made me discover MGK and he is f***ing dope. Really wish you made a song with him.

I haven't done a song with him but am hoping to in the future. That’s dope yo!

- Austin: Ey yo Deuce. One of your biggest fans here. How are you taking the criticisms and acclaim from the album? Are you happy with what your fans are saying?

I’m super happy with the fans. They are dope and I love every single one of them. The criticism doesn't bother me. Love me or hate me.... shit doesn’t matter.

- Jacques: In terms of song writing what advice could you give me?

Write how you really feel or what you really think. Be honest.

- Michael: Hey where can we get the original nine lives shirt?

Shit I don't know. Probably on the web somewhere for now.

- Shawn Richard: Will you be producing a new album? Obviously not soon but maybe in the next couple years?

For sure. I’m always writing and producing. That is for sure.

- Jeremiah: Hi Deuce. First off, I'd like to say that you are much better off as a solo artist. I can honestly say the few songs I've heard off of the Nine Lives album are much better than HU's entire American Tragedy album. Here's my question: What inspires you to write songs? I can literally feel the intense emotion in your songs, and that's one of your strong points as an artist.

Life inspires me.  Events around me.  People.  I put that magic into my songs. 

- Johnny: What happened to the songs "Where We’re Rollin" and "What’s Up Now"? You released the clips but never released the full songs and I couldn't find any info on them being on the new album, also are you releasing the full song of ninelives(undead remix) and 'lalala'?

Ninelives remix is now released online.  All you singles will come out in the future and you have to wait to see any future songs. But we still bumpin America right now.

- Any Pehrson: First off - great album, love it!! 1) Hollywood Undead has gone to shit without you, what kind of backlash have you gotten from the members over your new material? 2) How was it working with Ronnie Radke? Thanks!

Thanks!  I've gotten no backlash.  Ronnie is sick. He was awesome to work with.

- Charlene: Small question, who's your idol?

My fans. Specially the sexy ones in the UK.

- Andrew Kiely: Are you come to Australia anytime soon?

Shit not right now.  Definitely in the future.

- Cathy P: Just saw you in concert and already want to see you again. - Are you planning another tour of US yet? Do you already have songs in the works for a new album?

Yes I am scheduled for the Uproar Tour.  They will be announcing dates soon so keep an eye out on my Facebook page for it.  I'm always writing so yes.

- Becky Ninelives: What's your dream collaboration?

Nicki Minaj. I wanna smack that ass.

- alphonse elric: Dear Deuce, would you ever be on a reality show?

Hell ya.  But you wouldn’t wanna know what went on behind the scenes.  Bad stuff.

- Austin: How are you dealing with the crazy schedule you have with the Fight to Unite Tour?

I love it.  Just partying it up and singing.  Two things I love.

- Like Parkes: When you thinking of hittin’ up the UK?

Soon as possible.  Not scheduled yet but in the near future for sure.

- Edward Sherman: Hey name is Edward and I’m a really big fan of all of your work, whether it was Hollywood Undead to ‘Lets Get It Crackin’... I just love it all and I was wondering what is it like going solo and fighting through all of the haters and still coming out on top! And one more question, I would like to get into the band/singing business myself and I was wondering if you have any tips or tricks for an beginner?

Shit wasn't easy but you gotta keep pushing through.  Good lesson for anyone.  My advice is to write how you really feel or what you know and to practice as much as possible.

- @zaku_fist: Why does Deuce say "Fuck Tool" in "Now You See My Life," what events with them led him to this? And do they still have beef?

I meant it as a tool I use to know.  Tool is deuce slang for a jackass type person.  No beef.

- @BeckyhunterY2J: When did you write your first song?

I wrote my first song when I was about 14.  I learned piano when I was 10 and got cheap recording equipment later and wrote and recorded some songs and never stopped.

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