George Michael

George Michael

"Over the years, George has been the most tremendous supporter of Comic Relief. Out of the blue one year he gave us all the cash from the release of ‘As’, his single with Mary J Blige.

"Then he did a brilliant Little Britain ‘Lou and Andy’ sketch - which ended with the inevitable insult slung at him - 'I don’t like him.'

"But most excitingly, he’s giving Comic Relief all the money from his new single, ‘True Faith’. It’s always so moving when people stick with us year after year - and we’re thrilled and delighted about the song, and the wonderful video that goes with it. 

"We promise we’ll use every penny we make from it to save and change lives in Africa and all over the UK."  - Richard Curtis

‘True Faith’ arranged and produced by George Michael was a hit for New Order in 1987 and was written by, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Hague who have also very kindly donated their proceeds to Comic Relief along with the publishers’ mechanical royalties.

The single, released through Aegean Records via Absolute Marketing & Distribution / Universal, will be available digitally on the 13th March and physically on the 14th March; both will also include an instrumental version of the track as a b-side.

At 12:01am on March 19th - after the ‘True Faith’ official music video has been premiered for Comic Relief - the single and video will be available for purchase as a bundle exclusively through iTunes.

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