Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Obviously Lady Gaga is a woman who never likes to be snapped in jeans and a t-shirt, in face, we’re not even sure if she knows what denim is! So when we heard she was going to be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, we knew it would be interesting.

In usual Gaga style, the popstar shows off her curvy figure in a waist-cinching clear PVC corset covered with strategically placed bubbles. So, fair enough it’s not a look that I’d go for on a night out, simply because crimped hair never looked good on me… but then again this lady is about making headlines, not looking like Polly Pocket… oh Lady Gaga, where have you been all our lives?

The article itself boasts that lady Gaga is the new Princess Of Pop and explains how Katy Perry should watch her back as this girl kisses girls for real and claims Marilyn Manson and Madonna are her number one fans.

As journalist Brian Hiatt finds just what goes on behind Lady Gaga’s Po-Po-Po-Poker Face, Rolling Stone give her the thumbs up that she oh-so-truly deserves as she becomes the defining pop star of 2009.

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