Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

Wow! I get it, Charlotte Church has never been ugly, but she's never exactly been a sex siren either has she? Well, that is until now… douse me in water someone because this is HOT.

Proving that she doesn't need some commitment-phobe man on her arm, our Charl has put some slap on and gotten herself one hell of a stylist to make her over into this uber-glamourpuss in support of her latest album, Back To Scratch.

The album hits shelves on October 25th and will be preceded by a single of the same name - which we cant WAIT to see the video for, until then though, why not have a peek at the track listing for the new album?

1.       Back To Scratch
2.       We Were Young
3.       Ruby
4.       Unravelling
5.       Logical World
6.       Suitcase
7.       The Actors
8.       The Story Of Us
9.       Don’t Think About It
10.   Cup Of The Sun
11.   Snow
12.   Lovedrunk
13.   Honestly


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